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  • Stephen A. Smith is an ESPN host and television personality.
  • He started his acting career as an on-screen reporter during a cameo Public Hospital in 2007.
  • On January 18, 2023, Stephen took to Twitter to issue a public apology to Rihanna for turning down the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show.

One of the most famous faces in sports news Stephen A. smith55. Television personality and ESPN presenter known for his various shows, including ESPN take first. Many people enjoy his content because of its gritty, brutal honesty, which is probably why he called his final memoir What He Did. steven book, The Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes, hit stores January 17, 2023, and takes a look at his life and career. Here are five things to know about the 55-year-old host and man who has been publicly dismissive Rihanna Before the 2023 Super Bowl first half performance!

Stephen A. Smith is a host for ESPN. (clash)

1. Stephen A. Smith is a host for ESPN

Stephen is not only an author but also a popular host for ESPN. He started contributing to the Sports Network from 2003 to 2008 before starting his own show in 2005. In addition, he hosted Show Stephen A. smith on ESPN Radio until 2008, according to the official ESPN Press Room. Stephen has also hosted ESPN2 programming Quite frankly with Stephen A. smith From 2005 to 2007 with NBA Shootaround (Since renamed NBA countdown) in 2003. The noted sports journalist has also contributed to ESPN’s Sports CenterESPNEWS take first and as a guest host Sorry for the interruption And C. Rome is burning. These days he can be seen regularly take first weekdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET on ESPN.

2. He recently rejected his apology from Rihanna

The sports journalist recently came under fire for “Umbrella” hitmaker, Rihanna, ahead of 2023. Super Bowl performance. When Stephen appeared Sherri Shepherdan offer , Sheryon January 18, 2023, he told her Rihanna was “not” Beyonce. “I don’t want to say I’m not excited, she’s great, that’s not my go-to with this,” he began. “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a lot of things, it’s amazing indeed – and I congratulate you on New hood – There’s one thing she doesn’t do, she’s not Beyoncé.

Later, he took to his Twitter account for audience sharing Apology video For the 34-year-old singer. Stephen captioned the post, “I apologize to Rihanna for my words, I should be more careful!” During the clip, he makes it clear that he has a crush on her and Beyoncé. “You’re no joke and you’re someone who deserves to host the Super Bowl halftime show,” he said at the time. Notably, Stephen also called Beyoncé “the phenomenal performer” at the Super Bowl Halftime show.

3. The TV host has a podcast

Besides being a sports journalist for ESPN, Stephen also owns a popular podcast called Learn about compassion with Stephen A. smith. Some of the famous characters he has appeared in on the show include the Golden State Warriors player Draymond Greencomedian and TV host Bill Maherand discuss the NFL star Destroyed Hamlin. At the moment, there are currently a total of 52 episodes available to listen to on Apple Podcasts from Stephen’s show.

4. Stephen is from New York City

Stephen A. Smith is a sports journalist. (clash)

Stephen was born on October 14, 1967 in The Bronx, New York. his mother Janet Smith The identity of his father is not known to the public. He can often be seen on the streets of New York City, as he was on January 17, 2023. Stephen shared Video of himself walking to his car in the Big Apple after attending a book signing. He captioned it, “Thank you everyone for all the support! It was an amazing day!”

5. Post a diary

The New York City native has released his memoir The Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes on January 17, 2023. Book reveals its “untold story for the first time,” as reported by ESPN. Stephen A. Smith never delivered, nor was he an overnight success. He grew up poor in Queens, the son of Caribbean immigrants and the youngest Six childrenwas a sports-obsessed kid who had a number of difficulties, from undiagnosed dyslexia to getting enough cereal to fill his bowl,” reads the book description. This marks Stephen’s first book publication.

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