Wearable Health Solutions Inc. Positive response with the launch of the iHelp Mini PERS 4G, sales and increased inventory levels

Newport Beach, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2022 / Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: WHSI) (“Wearable Health Solutions” or the “Company”), announced today that “the Company has received and is selling through its initial inventory of 4G iHelp Mini devices, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) to its dealers and vendor networks. This was stated by President Peter Pizzino.” Feedback from our dealer network has been very positive regarding the robust functionality of the new PERS product offering, and marketing support from our staff has been well received.”

“We have placed a second and larger order with our base plant and anticipate rapid sales of this stock through our distribution network upon receipt,” said Mark Kelly, Vice President of Innovation and Development. He continued, “The battery life and accuracy of the ‘fall detection’ feature have far exceeded expectations in the 4G iHelp Mini and our distributors are very pleased with the marketing materials provided to assist them in their sales efforts.” All joins are going It is the dominant sentiment at WHSI.”

information about us:
WHSI is a well-established manufacturer of PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems (“PERS”) devices), and in the rapidly growing medical alarm and electronic health sector. As such, we provide innovative wearable healthcare products and services to dealers and distributors worldwide. Our management team has over 30 years in the business, starting with the launch of MediPendant™, the first medical alarm device that allows the user to speak and listen to an emergency response operator directly through the necklace. WHSI will launch its newest PERS device, the iHelp Max in summer 2022. The iHelp Max is a 4G cellular PERS device with advanced features such as fall detection, geofencing, artificial intelligence with Google Assistant and Alexa, notifications, daily-check-in and reminders for drugs that are directly sold For dealers and distributors in the United States and around the world. In addition to launching the iHelp Max, the company is developing additional features for the device including RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring). Using the iHelp Max, WHSI’s advanced medical alert technology platform enables remote monitoring and data collection of key vital signs in real time and historical values ​​via Bluetooth, NFC and WIFI. Our RPM solution includes real-time monitoring of vital signs that will be stored in the cloud to enable viewing of historical data as well as identify potential health issues before they become catastrophic events. WHSI offers two distinct pathways from RPM to market, direct to consumer and enterprise solutions. Both provide a simplified connection to patients/clients and their care circle. A consumer who wants to be proactive in their health can purchase kits for heart disease, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, COPD, metabolic syndrome and more. Peripherals will automatically connect to iHelp Max and data will flow to the WHS HIPPA compliant cloud so it can be viewed on demand. Enterprise customers, such as health systems, physician groups, primary care providers, insurance companies, and others who deal with chronic conditions through remote patient monitoring software, will use Wearable Health Solutions that includes a small tablet paired with disease-specific and robust peripherals. The platform where all the data is available. Thresh Hold breach alerts, broad compliance initiatives, CPT code compliance and billing are integrated for ease of use for enterprise customers.

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