Video Interview: Palmer Loki shares VR stories and seeks top Australian tech talent for defense tech Anduril

Guest Interview: With the future of virtual reality successfully restarting, thanks in part to the efforts of Palmer Luckey, who founded Oculus VR in 2012, designed the headset, spearheaded VR input and sold the company to Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion, Luckey set up a pitch His eyes set 2017 on an even more pressing reality – delivering the next generation of cutting-edge hardware and software, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and more to transform American and Allied combatants into superheroes with next-level defense technology, and now in Australia too.

Andoril. Founded in 2017, Anduril offers a suite of standalone systems that provide integrated, continuous awareness and security across land, sea and air. All systems are powered by the open operating system, Lattice.

It’s also a defense products company that doesn’t wait for customers to say what they need – instead, it identifies problems, funds its own research and development, creates solutions, and sells off-the-shelf products to the US, UK and now Australia.

Turning ideas into scattered capabilities in months, not years, Anduril demonstrates they are ground-breaking solutions to the software-defined conflicts of the future, dependent less on any always welcome progress in shipbuilding and aircraft design, and more on advances in software engineering and computing.

Andruril differs from traditional defense contractors whose primary focus is hardware, with Anduril’s platform being Lattice OS, an independent meaning-making, command and control system that serves as the core platform for the company’s capabilities suite, thus enabling it to build cutting-edge technology quickly, while saving money. Governments and taxpayers really are along the way.

behind everything Palmer Loki, whose interest in virtual reality has put him on the astonishing path he is taking. I had the pleasure of speaking with Palmer on a range of topics, including of course VR, metaverse, AR, future, defense, Anduril and many more, So please watch the video below and continue reading – With more information on Anduril next, along with a summary of the topics we talked about:

So, what’s more about Anduril to prove his next level credentials, abilities, and impressive achievements?

By bringing together Silicon Valley’s brightest engineers, frontline veterans with first-hand knowledge of the mission, along with the best technical talent from the UK, and now its expansion in Australia, the Anduril team continues to grow rapidly.

Its engineers are experts in artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced sensors, secure networks, space, virtual reality technology, and aircraft modeling and simulation, with military veterans over 20% of the Anduril team, using their defense expertise to ensure the company’s products meet the needs of military and women on the battlefield. .

Anduril opened its first Australian office early in 2022, then announced its partnership with the Australian Defense Force in May 2022 for a A$140 million co-financing program to design and develop large-scale autonomous undersea vehicles, or XL-AUVs. Three XL-AUV prototypes will be delivered to the Royal Australian Navy over three years, with the vehicle ready for manufacture at the end of 2025.

The XL-AUV will be affordable, autonomous, long-wearing, multi-mission capable, modular, customizable and can be optimized with a variety of payloads for a wide variety of military and non-military missions such as advanced intelligence, infrastructure, inspection and surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting.

Anduril’s approach to developing the XL-AUV will provide the vehicle at a fraction of the cost of subsea capabilities in drastically lower timeframes.

The company notes that the three-year XL-AUV development program has an incredibly ambitious delivery schedule, which will include capacity assessment and prototyping in record time using Anduril’s agile capability development systems.

Anduril states that it has proven to be able to move much faster than conventional defense development timelines. In 2020, it became the smallest company to win a record program with the United States government since the end of the Korean War through the Independent Watchtowers (AST) program. Anduril also began developing a comprehensive anti-drone solution in 2019, which US Special Operations Command identified as its system of choice in a $1 billion deal in 2022.

Also of note is Anduril’s statement that it will design, develop and manufacture XL-AUVs in Australia.

The company seeks to recruit, build and maintain a highly skilled workforce, With the ability to see all Australian and global jobs here.

To support software design, development and manufacturing, Anduril began employing process to find our best, for dozens of highly skilled roles including marine engineering, software development, advanced manufacturing, robotics, propulsion design, mission operations and more. In addition, Anduril actively partners with other Australian SMEs and the research and technology communities to source nearly all elements of the program’s supply chain.

“The XL-AUV project is a major investment in Australian industrial capabilities,” he said. David Goodrich, OAM, Chairman and CEO of Anduril Australia. “Through this partnership, Anduril Australia will become a major player in Australia’s burgeoning defense industrial base and contribute to Australia’s becoming a leading exporter of cutting-edge, independent capability to the rest of the world.”

“There is a clear need for an XL-AUV built in Australia, for Australia,” said Palmer Lockey, founder of Anduril. “The XL-AUV will harness the latest advances in autonomous, edge computing, sensor fusion, propulsion and robotics to provide advanced capability for the Royal Australian Navy.”

Anduril emphasizes speed and results, with a presentation of Australian tech talent that if you want to build fast and see your work deployed in real operational scenarios, Anduril wants you!

In fact, the company notes that it will draw on Australian expertise in robotic technology, autonomy and software engineering, as Palmer is looking for the best and brightest talent and says, “There is a lot of engineering talent currently building whimsical games, augmented reality emoji apps and a better targeting search engine, And we need to change that. The next war will be won by the smartest engineers. We need the most skilled technicians in military engineering and I’m here in Australia to find them.

“If you want to work in technology to solve interesting problems, there is no better place than Anduril. We get access to very cool problems, many of which are not even in the public domain. We will not take you for granted and you will have a lot of fun. It will be spiritually satisfying. Professionally satisfactory and financially fulfilling.

Anduril’s blog is also a great source of news and developments, as the company recently released its mission statement on “Restarting the Arsenal of Democracylaunch A threatIt is an integrated command, control, communications and computing (C4) platform optimized to bring complex software forward on the battlefield through secure and resilient communications.

It will allow warriors to plan and execute covert missions in redundant, forward-looking emergency locations with unacceptable, disconnected, intermittent, or bandwidth-limited conditions.

There is, too Great job comparing working on self-driving cars compared to working on Anduril.

  • In the video interview above, I introduced Palmer and asked him about his computer, what made him so interesting in VR when he was younger and how he got started.
  • I then noticed that Ballmer felt starting his own company was the best way to speed up virtual reality as he defined it, and we discussed that.
  • I asked Palmer for ideas on how Facebook has approached virtual reality over the past few years since he left Facebook to start Anduril.
  • Palmer shared his thoughts on augmented, extended, and mixed realities, and his thoughts on all scales being built and yet to come.
  • If Palmer could wave a magic wand and change virtual reality and assume augmented reality for the better, what would those changes be?
  • Then we looked at Anduril, why Palmer was visiting Australia, and his exposure to Australian tech talent.
  • Palmer shared his thoughts on the chance of a world war breaking out and changing the balance of power negatively towards dictatorships and authoritarian governments, before Anduril could rebalance towards governments that respect and protect freedom,
  • After sharing what Palmer wanted us to know about Andori, Palmer shared his thoughts on future development, future super soldiers, great tips he received in life, and his final message to iTWire viewers, readers, current and future customers, employees and partners.

So, please watch the excellent video with Palmer Luckey above to learn more!

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