The greatest memes from Twitter Dumpster Fire

A Bruno Lanza cartoon mocking Elon Musk as Twitter hangs in the balance. (Artwork by Bruno Lanza)

While watching movies about the end of the world, I always get the same disturbing thought: It would be more real if their characters were trolling Twitter! Become a go-to on Twitter The An ultimate, reflexive mechanism for addressing how terrible things in the world really are – so it’s a strange time to be on the platform, and it’s rumored To turn over at any moment now. If Twitter is down, where do we go to talk about Twitter being down? The mystery is a bit like that posed by death, and some of us approach this complex philosophical problem, of course, by making memes.

Premortem festivities prevailed as the prevailing mood before the Twitter meltdown, rather than existential dread. (All shots by Jasmine Liu/Anaphylaxis)

On the plus side, the question generates an abundance of loud and disruptive content, with users ironically praising the site while mocking its new owner Elon Musk — Twitter’s demise boss, who earlier this week issued an ultimatum to employees to do. ‘Extremely hard’ work or left. wisely , many He chose to leave.

Remember Elon’s sink stunt? yes …

There has been a change of leadership at Twitter Drove To domestic chaos: Employees are locked out of their offices, forced to weather mass layoffs, and must now enforce Musk’s erratic directives. Meanwhile, Musk’s new opt-in verification service led to the issuance of Streaming parody accountsto stir up the carnival atmosphere on the platform as users adopted the mask of the rich and powerful to hilarious effect.

The doctor of this whole disastrous scheme is, of course, Musk himself. Not long after the feature was launched, someone named Elon Musk was blessed with a trusty blue check exhort Followers: “If you want to be like me, drink your pee.” One meme Harnesses Musk’s paranoid tone of speech and erratic habit of sending emails while mocking a parody stunt, showing a screenshot of an employee’s mailbox flooded With the desperate fixation of musk urine.

Memes mocking Musk taking advantage of the predictably disastrous changes he’s implemented since taking ownership.

Many memes mock the opening that Twitter’s collapse represents for rival social media platforms such as Instagram. (ostensibly, Instagram to praise Twitter coup in what reads like a drunken tweet — “tbh we love twitter” — then promptly deletes it). Repost Image of a home covered in “Welcome Home Cheater” spray painted sheets with a link to their own site. (That being said, this morning, Tumblr is gone lowestlikely in response to high traffic – so it may not be a real viable alternative.) Someone float Outside of Pinterest as another competitor; Sorry, but this never happened to me.

Tumblr welcomes back old users with open arms.

Brilliant single speaker summoned Hieronymus Bosch “The Garden of Earthly Delights” to sing the praises of the past pleasure playground in virtual space. Labeled “Twitter: Before/After,” on the left is Bosch’s original center plate, full of quirky pleasures, distractions, and visual overstimulation; On the right is a digitally altered version of the painting that has had all human subjects looking for pleasure removed from it. Sure, the new scene looks uneventful, but Bosch’s place in art history has been hardened by his nuanced devotion to over-worship—something we’re about to lose as Twitter holds dear.

Both Bush and Twitter produced lush scenes of orgy overindulgence.

And someone who definitely spends a lot of time in Archives Published in the British Library a drawing of a bluebird called an arrow of ward that appears in the margins of a medieval manuscript.

A pivotal detail from a medieval manuscript predicts contemporary chaos at Twitter’s headquarters.

In the modern art world, many people have made jokes about the similarities between the downfall of Twitter and the day-to-day realities of working in museums and art nonprofits. “Leaving Twitter just because it fell into disrepair under terrible leadership?” Tamsin C Russell chirp. “But peepers I work in museums.”

Last night, at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, Cash went out The digital world entered the physical world, with one predicting an animated text attacking Musk as a “pungent pimple” and “karen space” among other amusing insults.

View outside Twitter headquarters Musk called “Space Karen”.

write to Neiman ReportsMatt Carolean urges journalists to take advantage of the current moment of instability to think about better ways and platforms to connect with their audiences.

But for now, like Musk himself once He said Better, “Let’s make Twitter as much fun as possible!” We will – as long as it lasts.

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