Taking care of our patients and serving our community

As we welcome the New Year, the Memorial Hospital Sweetwater County family continues its commitment to providing excellent, high-quality, compassionate care to our patients and to serving our community.

We strive every day to embody our mission, compassionate care for every life we ​​touch, and to fulfill our vision, to be the trusted health care leader in our community.

While our commitment to our mission is about person-centered care, it also revolves around our commitment to our community. Being a community hospital is who we are, what we do and why we are here.

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We are committed to our patients and our community, and we look forward to continuing our service and partnership for many years to come.

Erin Richardson, CEO, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

We are proud of the wide range of services that we offer our patients; including inpatient acute care, intensive care, emergency medicine, and medical imaging,
laboratory services, full-service cancer center, dialysis center, family medicine, occupational medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and
Gynecology, urology, general surgery, orthopedics, otolaryngology, pulmonology, nephrology and much more.

In addition to providing excellent health care, we listen seriously to the needs of patients and the community and find ways to improve health, wellness, and access to care right here at our hospital. The Sweetwater Walk-In Clinic is available six days a week, allowing easy access to primary care.

The MHSC Patient Financial Navigation team is available to assist our patients with financial assistance, explaining benefits, assisting with applying for Medicare and Medicaid, and many other services.

Wellness is a year-round commitment

To help our community stay healthy, we also offer health fairs, cancer screenings, physical exercise, and patient education throughout the year. We have a Patient and Family Advisory Board, made up of community members, who are dedicated to helping us promote health and wellness here at Memorial Hospital in Sweetwater County.

We are excited to welcome in 2023, as this marks the 130th year that we have been honored to serve the healthcare needs of our community. We look forward to celebrating this amazing achievement with all of you this year.

Please join me as I take this opportunity to thank our amazing staff, managers, doctors, service providers and volunteers for what they do every day. They are the heart of our hospital. I am very proud of them and grateful to them.

They are strong and resilient, and take great pride in taking care of our patients. Sweetwater County is fortunate to have such dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate people who work here at our hospital.

Professional dedication

Through thick and thin, these are the people you want to take care of you every single day, right here at home. Thank you to MHSC staff, directors, physicians, service providers, and volunteers for all you do every day for those who depend on us.

We appreciate your dedication and perseverance as you serve the healthcare needs of our patients and our community.

I would like to thank the Sweetwater County Commissioners and our Board of Trustees for their guidance, direction, and support in helping us meet the health care needs of our patients.

I also want to acknowledge and thank our community for their continued support of our hospital and for being around the hospital during the pandemic and how they have helped us in so many ways.

This collaboration and teamwork is what makes Sweetwater County strong and we are proud to be a part of that. Coretta Scott King said it best, “The greatness of a society is measured precisely by the merciful acts of its members.”

It is the compassionate care of our patients and the compassionate actions of the community that make Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County and our community so wonderful.

To learn more about everything we offer, go to sweetwatermemorial.com.

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