Artificial intelligence models improve the accuracy of coronary artery disease diagnosis

Several recent discoveries show that the accuracy of coronary artery disease diagnosis and prediction of patient risk has been improved with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) models developed by scientists in the Department of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine at Cedars-Sinai. These developments are led by Piotr Slomka, Ph.D.And the Director of Imaging Innovation at … Read more

The blood test uses artificial intelligence and biomarkers to prenatally detect congenital heart defects in the fetus

Researchers at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, have discovered a blood test for pregnant women that uses artificial intelligence and genetic-related biomarkers to accurately detect congenital heart defects in a fetus, long before birth. Ray Bahadu Singh, chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beaumont Health, and lead author of “Accurate Prenatal Detection of Fetal Congenital Heart Defects,” … Read more

New microfluidic device mimics the exchange of nutrients between mother and fetus infected with placental malaria

placental malaria as a result Plasmodium falciparum The infection can lead to serious complications for both the mother and the baby. Placental malaria causes approximately 200,000 newborn deaths each year, mainly due to low birth weight, as well as 10,000 maternal deaths. Placental malaria is caused by red blood cells infected with parasites that attach … Read more

Mona Lisa review by Anna Lily Amirpour and the Blood Moon

Kate Hudson and Jun Jong Seo in Anna Lily Amirpour’s dress Mona Lisa and the blood moon.picture: Saban movies Movies often try to up the stakes of the action and chase sequences — seriously, is every action hero studying parkour now? – So it’s refreshingly entertaining when Mona Lisa and the blood moon He deliberately … Read more

Hilary Mantell’s art was imbued with her pain

“As soon as the Queen is beheaded, he walks away. A sharp pain in appetite reminds him that it is time for a second breakfast, or perhaps an early dinner.” These are the first two sentences of mirror and light, the third volume of Hilary Mantel’s trilogy on the life of Thomas Cromwell and the … Read more