Explained: Why Charlie Dean’s ‘controversial’ expulsion has left the internet divided

The third ODI match between India and England on Saturday was filled with drama and controversy. Fans will remember him for two reasons – the controversial but legal England outing of Charlie Dean by Deepti Sharma and Golan Goswami’s retirement from international cricket. In the midst of this, another popular cricketer was also popular: R … Read more

Man United fans drew a new mural of Pep Guardiola just hours after it was unveiled to the public

Man United fans drew a new Pep Guardiola mural just hours after it was revealed to the public… while locals criticize ‘stupid vandals’ who bribed MUFC over honoring the City president. Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola’s mural was defaced hours after it was unveiled It was cast in black and white with “MUFC” in green … Read more

Roger Federer says his four children are the reason for his tennis success

Tennis legend Roger Federer has praised his four children for helping him stay hungry during the last 10 years of his career, revealing that he would have preferred to retire a decade ago rather than leave them at home while he travels the world. The legendary 20-time Grand Slam winner, who retired earlier this month, … Read more