Melissa Villasinor is living her best life after ‘Nidal’ on SNL

MElisa Villasinor He was among the eight cast members who left Saturday Night Live after his last season. And in this episode of The last laugh podcastFor the first time, she opens up about everything that led to her difficult decision to walk away from the show that has been her home for six years. … Read more

Bill Murray’s scary celebrity stories spread like wildfire

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An internal struggle to reinvent ‘SNL’ as 8 cast members leave

Middle age is no joke. And as ‘Saturday Night Live’ celebrates its 50th birthday on the horizon – the show Season 48 premieres on October 1 – Some wonder if the years have caused huge losses. Seven of the main cast members left: Pete Davidson, Chris ReedKate McKinnon, Kyle Mooney, Eddie Bryant, Melissa Villasinor and … Read more