TJ Holmes allegedly had sex with the intern, 24, in his office

TJ Holmes allegedly had sex with a much younger subordinate while on the job. Source claimed to the Daily Mail revealed Thursday that Holmes was in a months-long relationship with Jasmine Pettaway, then 24, in 2015 — while the now-suspended “GMA3” co-host was married to his now estranged wife, Marilee Febig. “He was a predator … Read more

The welfare scandal is exacerbating the contradictions in long-impoverished Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss (AP) — In Mississippi, where elected officials have a long history of praising autarky and condemning federal anti-poverty programsa welfare scandal that exposed how millions of dollars were diverted to the rich and powerful – including professional athletes – instead of helping some of the country’s neediest people. The misuse of welfare funds … Read more