A psychologist calls out 3 ways the Internet has polluted romance

Technology and the Internet are changing our behavior in romantic relationships. sometimes l … [+] worst. GT Technology has brought us closer in many ways, broadening our concepts of how we organize our lives and interact with the people we care about. Dating apps have made it easier to meet new people. Social media helps … Read more

Learn all about Lucky Girl Syndrome, the latest mental health hack to go viral on social media

Have you ever looked at some people and thought they were fair lucky And that everything always seems to be going their way? Well, according to a new mental health ‘hack’ going viral on social media, you don’t need to be jealous of them anymore as you too can harness the power of being ‘lucky’. … Read more

How to balance work, mental health, and friendships

Thema Bryant’s list of career accomplishments is undeniably impressive. As of 2023, she is the President of the American Psychological Association. Bryant is also a Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University where she directs the Culture and Trauma Research Laboratory. Prior to that, she was a coordinator for the SHARE program at Princeton University which … Read more

Mental health in the workplace: projected trends for 2023

As we enter 2023, mental health in the workplace continues to be a major focus. Over the past few years, more employers have recognized they need to protect employees’ mental health and well-being and are making these efforts part of their company’s attraction and retention programs. I met a registered psychologist Dr. Daniel SellingCEO of … Read more

A huge investment in mental health is coming to Ohio

Next article It was originally published in the Ohio Capital Journal It is published on News5Cleveland.com under a Content Sharing Agreement. Columbus, Ohio – After cooking Mental health is a priority Since taking office in early 2019, Governor Mike DeWine has signed $175 million in mental health expenses into law. Expenses are divided into two … Read more

Clovis Student Journalists Talk About Mental Health

At the core of education are students. While teachers’ voices are essential to education, so are students’ voices. Student journalists who are part of the Youth Media Collective, a boot camp for student journalists, address mental health — and in some cases, a lack of support. (bee file photo) John Walker jwalker@fresnobee.com Do you know … Read more

Lyme disease increases the risk of mental disorders and suicide: a study Health

In a new study, American and Danish researchers report that patients hospitalized with Lyme disease have a 28 percent higher rate of Mental illness And they were twice as likely to have attempted suicide after infection compared to undiagnosed individuals. This study, a collaboration between Columbia University and the Copenhagen Center for Mental Health Research, … Read more

Tips for promoting mental health

January is Mental Health Month, which highlights the importance of integrating mental, emotional, and physical health to improve overall health and wellness. Psychological wellness is an important factor when making difficult choices, dealing with stress, and dealing with others. “Mental wellness includes the ability to deal effectively with life’s difficulties, being aware of your abilities … Read more

NDHHS provides advice for promoting mental health

LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV) — With January being Mental Health Month, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, in a press release, offered tips to promote mental health. Read the press release below: January is Mental Health Month, which highlights the importance of integrating mental, emotional, and physical health to improve overall health and wellness. … Read more