Prince Harry’s book sells millions. Why is it not very popular?

Extraordinary new polls show that the popularity of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has fallen in America as well as the United Kingdom since The Prince’s publication. additionalYet his book continues to break sales records, and he has energized his online base and garnered many more Flat-out rave reviews (He recently earned praise from The … Read more

Royal sources claim the Peace Summit is on the cards for Prince Harry and company

A reconciliation between Prince Harry, Prince William and their father is not far from the realm of possibility, sources said, amid fears that King Charles’ coronation could turn into a ‘circus’ if the royals remain at war. A royal source with close ties to both His Majesty and Sussex believes that both parties will look … Read more

Kate Middleton is ‘already moved’ by Harry’s claims that her texts left Meghan in tears

Reports said the Princess of Wales is “really moved” after being “baffled” by Prince Harry’s claims in his disturbing memoir, Spear. Kate, who turned 41 this week, is reported to have “dismissed” the Duke of Sussex’s accusations against her in the book, including that she and Prince William “portray” Meghan Markle as a “biracial American … Read more

Opinion: Why Prince Harry can’t stop hyperbole

Editor’s note: Dr. Peggy Drexler is a research psychologist, documentary film producer and author, including two books on sex and family and Mean, a book about women behaving badly, due to be published by Simon & Schuster in 2024. Her latest film, King Coal, will feature Premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2023. The opinions expressed … Read more