New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ controversial new approach to homelessness

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newscast. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free over here. CNN – New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave the city’s first responders, including police forces, a controversial new task this week — to enforce a state law that allows them to … Read more

China’s security apparatus swings into action to stifle Covid protests

CNN – China Extensive security services quickly moved to choke Mass protests that swept the country, with police patrolling the streets, checking cellphones and even calling some protesters to warn them not to repeat it. In major cities on Monday and Tuesday, police flooded the sites of protests that took place over the weekend, when … Read more

A BBC journalist has been “beaten and kicked by the police” as protests spread across China

CNN Business – BBC journalist Edward Lawrence was arrested by police in Shanghai at the scene of Sunday night’s protests, according to the BBC, as captured in what appears to be cellphone footage of the arrest. While he has since been released, a BBC spokesperson expressed grave concern about his treatment, saying he had been … Read more

What really happened to Nika Shahkrami? Witnesses of her last hours questioned the story of Iran

CNN – An Iranian girl dressed in black stands over an inverted rubbish bin, waving her veil as she is engulfed in flames amid chants of “Death to the Dictator”. Moments later, a video clip shows her crouched to collect another scarf from her friend, which she will also light in front of the protesters. … Read more

Thailand massacre: Dozens of children among at least 36 killed in nursery school shooting and stabbing attack

Bangkok, Thailand CNN – Thailand plunged into horror Thursday after at least 36 people were killed, at least 24 of them children, in carnage in child care Center in the Northeast Thailand It is believed to be the deadliest accident of its kind in the country. Authorities immediately launched a manhunt for the suspected attacker, … Read more

Indonesia stadium tragedy: 129 dead after soccer match, according to police

CNN – Police say at least 129 people were killed and 180 more injured after that Chaos and violence It broke out late on Saturday following an Indonesian league soccer match between two of the country’s biggest teams. Supporters of Arima FC and rival Persibaya Surabaya clashed after the home team’s 3-2 defeat in a … Read more