Study links sugary drinks to hair loss in men

Androgenetic alopecia (MPHL) is a gradual, non-scarring form of hair loss. The age of onset of MPHL has been decreasing while the incidence is increasing. Several studies have demonstrated the relationship between Western-style dietary intake and MPHL. new Nutrients A study in the Journal of Medicine explored the relationship between consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) … Read more

Gut Doctor: Functional medicine practitioner Dr. Sonza Curtis gets into the belly of good health

For consumers who take their health for granted or prioritize weight-loss goals over mindful nutrition, Dr. Sunza Curtis, ND, PAC, IFMCP, a functional medicine specialist based in Atlanta, GA, known as the “gut doctor,” advises considering the first three letters of The word “diet”. The effect of dietary habits on the brain and the connection … Read more