The power of mercy | MedPage today

“The Doctor’s Art” is a weekly podcast that explores what makes medicine meaningful, featuring profiles and stories from doctors, patients, educators, leaders, and other healthcare workers. Listen and subscribe to an AppleAnd SpotifyAnd AmazonAnd The GoogleAnd stitcherAnd Podchasser. What if we could scientifically prove that empathy improves our well-being, cognitive function, longevity, and societal well-being? … Read more

Older parents may need your time because they don’t have the money

ARVADA, CO. – MAY 28: Deb Plewitz, left, spends a moment with her husband, Greg Plewitz, while he is reclining … [+] In bed holding their dog, Butter Wednesday at Applewood Our House, a specialized facility designed to care for patients with dementia and related illnesses, Wednesday morning, May 24, 2014. The Ploetz moved to … Read more

Lyme disease increases the risk of mental disorders and suicide: a study Health

In a new study, American and Danish researchers report that patients hospitalized with Lyme disease have a 28 percent higher rate of Mental illness And they were twice as likely to have attempted suicide after infection compared to undiagnosed individuals. This study, a collaboration between Columbia University and the Copenhagen Center for Mental Health Research, … Read more

A man stole the identities of people with mental disorders

The US Attorney’s Office in South Carolina announced Friday that a South Carolina man started a company and used the stolen identities of people with mental disabilities to take Medicaid out of more than $1 million. Greer was sentenced to more than seven years in federal prison after pleading guilty to theft of government funds … Read more