Disappointing iPhone 15 Leak, MacBook Pro missing, more iPhone 14 problems

Taking a look at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes the latest iPhone 15 disappointment, more bad news for the iPhone 14, Apple Watch, Pixel Watch, lost MacBook Pro release, iPhone and AirPods charger fines, Pro 2 problems and App impact Store junk on our culture. The Apple … Read more

Gurman: Apple’s October event still unlikely, no Touch ID for iPhone 15

Apple is developing new iPad Pro, Mac, and Apple TV models, and at least some of those products will be released in October, according to Apple. BloombergMark Gorman. However, Gorman still thinks so It is unlikely that Apple will hold an event this month. In its latest version employment “The big iPhone 14 unveiling last … Read more