The wombat was found in the middle of Lake Moolwala on the Victoria-New South Wales border for the first time to a wildlife rescuer

Northern Victorian Wildlife Conservancy Kylie Donkers has been involved in some “very strange rescues” over the years, but this week’s recovery of the animals on a lake was a first. the main points: A wombat was seen sheltering on a log in Lake Moolwala on Monday morning It was the dramatic first-ever rescue of Kylee … Read more

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2023 to date

Environmental concernclimate doom, environmental existential dread—as environmental journalists, we see these terms used a lot—and often our own. While there is much to worry about when it comes to climate and nature crises, we must not lose hope – because despair breeds apathy. The media plays an important role in combating climate doom. It is … Read more