Best Arm Exercises With Barbells For Guns Like Jonathan Majors

What’s more, according to a study review from Harvard HealthAdding weights to your training can “improve glucose.” Metabolism, promote the maintenance of a healthy body weight, and help improve cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure. In fact, one of the cited studies found that those who performed only 30-60 minutes of strength training per … Read more

Plus-size personal trainers are trending on TikTok

Growing up as a chubby kid in her Long Island neighborhood, Mauritt Summers, 36, hated who she saw in the mirror. She weighed over 200 pounds, and doctors applied diets and weight-loss surgery to her. It only made her feel worse. Then, when she was 14, her family hired a personal trainer who worked with … Read more

Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center opens at a cost of $23 million

Anticipation is almost over for the opening of a new uniquely designed community center focused on fitness and health in Cherry Hill. The Baltimore Recreation and Parks division will open the Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center at 12:15 p.m. Friday. The $23 million project was designed and built with city and state funding and … Read more

ABC Your Move: What is a HIIT class and how can doing it help your health and fitness?

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ABC Your Move: How Spinning Classes Can Help Your Health and Fitness

With the launch of ABC’s Your Move campaign, to help Australians explore their own health and fitness journey, reporter Marnie Vinall is setting out to experience some of the growing exercise trends across the country. It’s hard to watch a TV show or movie about millennials that focuses on modern-day women without a class show … Read more

A Marine is a Guinness World Champion in Burpees per Minute

Marines have a reputation for being “first to fight.” But a Marine earned another, lesser-known distinction: the first woman to complete 27 chest-to-ground exercises in one minute. Sgt. Nahla Baird, air traffic control supervisor at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, broke the Guinness World Record for a burpee on August 14, 2021, service announced … Read more

How dancing can help slow – and possibly reverse – the aging process

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#HotGirlWalk inspires a New York fitness craze

About six months after Rachel Seal moved to New York from Chicago last fall, she noticed her clothes seem a little more roomy. She wasn’t doing the weight-lifting exercises she had previously done at home. It was fair Walking. Everywhere. “Chicago isn’t really a walking city. [Here] Khella, 24, told The Post about her gym-fueled … Read more

I had a dreaded eating disorder, but now I help others respect the body

What does it mean to be healthy? For Kelsey Heenan, it’s not just a toned body and a perfect diet. The 33-year-old fitness influencer puts mental health above physical after suffering from an eating disorder, which she often discusses candidly. She has 411,000 followers on Instagram. “It basically got to the point where I was … Read more