Microsoft stock jumps with earnings difference and solid cloud results

font size Microsoft is facing a slowdown in the growth of its cloud computing business. Gerard Julien/AFP via Getty Images Microsoft Shares jumped in late trading on Tuesday after the software company’s latest quarterly profit came in slightly better than expected. While the company saw weakness in its PC software business, Microsoft (stock ticker: MSFT) … Read more

CES 2023 has finally become the most important auto show in the world

picture: Sony Honda Mobility Everyone loves model cars. Sure, a lot of people like to say concept cars are pointless design exercises, statements of excess, and demonstrations of technologies that will never make it to production. But even these people, when they have finished proselytizing, stand there admiring any strange creature slowly spinning on the … Read more

Makevka attack: Russia says its forces’ cell phone use triggered a Ukrainian strike

CNN – A rare public blame game broke out between the Russian government and some pro-Kremlin leaders and military experts, after Moscow appeared to blame its soldiers’ use of mobile phones. Ukrainian strike that killed at least 89 soldiers on New Year’s Day. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the “main reason” for the … Read more