AWS announces the general availability of Amazon Omics

In re: Invent, AWS announce General availability of Amazon Omix, a managed service for storing, analyzing and annotating genomic, transcriptomic and other omics data. The service is designed for healthcare and life sciences organizations to enhance patient care and advance scientific research. Amazon Omics provides scalable workflows, integrated tools for preparing and analyzing omics data, … Read more

Hybrid computing strategy is key to slack resilience

Cloud computing and cloud computing have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years, and the vast majority of businesses use one or the other. Both computing strategies have unique strengths, but what many organizations don’t realize is that for many industries, adopting a hybrid model, using both cloud and edge computing capabilities, creates an optimal experience … Read more

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing and Data Security

Cloud computing is big business, with companies spending more than $200 billion on global cloud computing infrastructure services in the twelve months leading up to June 2022.1 However, for many individuals, cloud computing (or simply “cloud”) remains a murky concept. What exactly is a cloud? How can I access it? Is it safe to keep … Read more