The Yankees chose Jacob Barnes, replacing Zach Britton at 60 Days Illinois

The Yankees announced that they chose the diluent Jacob Barnes in the Major League roster. In a similar movement, veteran Sothebow Zach Britton He was placed on the infected list for 60 days. His season ended after he left his appearance last night with a shoulder strain. Barnes breaks into the major league roster with … Read more

Zach Britton out of the New York Yankees with left arm fatigue. Clay Holmes comes out after a shoulder injection

10:44 PM ET Marley RiveraESPN writer Close Marley Rivera is a staff writer at and New York — Zach BrittonAspirations to be part of the Yankees’ post-season roster may have taken another blow Friday night after the veteran director, who returned last week from Tommy John’s surgery, removed New York’s 2-1 loss to … Read more