Guillermo Del Toro’s Curiosity Cabinet is scary good

Peter Wheeler in Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinet picture: Ken Woroner/Netflix At the beginning of each episode of the latest selected Netflix horror series, Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinetAnd the Audiences are greeted by the Oscar-winning director. Presenting each new story in front of an actual closet full of curiosity, Pan . maze The director … Read more

Mona Lisa review by Anna Lily Amirpour and the Blood Moon

Kate Hudson and Jun Jong Seo in Anna Lily Amirpour’s dress Mona Lisa and the blood moon.picture: Saban movies Movies often try to up the stakes of the action and chase sequences — seriously, is every action hero studying parkour now? – So it’s refreshingly entertaining when Mona Lisa and the blood moon He deliberately … Read more