Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles talks Eagles, Jason Kelce, and tips for Jalen Hurts

in A series of events similar to Groundhog DayEagles are heading back to power And Nick Falls is back in town.

the Super Bowl LII MVP She stopped by Philadelphia City Hall Thursday morning to testify at a A medical negligence lawsuit involving a former teammate’s doctors.

His visit surprised many in the town hall.

“You saved our city that time!” A passerby told him and asked for a selfie.

Now with the Indianapolis Colts, Foles made history five years ago by leading The Eagles to the franchise’s first Super Bowl win. On Thursday, he returned to Philadelphia to testify on behalf of his friend and former Eagles teammate, Chris Maragos, in his A civil trial for medical negligence over the care he received of a knee injury He struggled during that historic season.

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Outside the courtroom, wearing a green T-shirt and sunglasses, Foles offered his advice to Jalen Hurts — from Super Bowl champ to the youngest quarterback who could earn a ring on Feb. 12.

“I think, just do what he was doing,” Volz said. “He’s got MVPcaliber year.

“Most importantly, he’s been leading the players well, and they are responding to him. You can tell when he steps on the field there’s a huge impact for the game, and that’s what makes a player so valuable. And not only that, he doesn’t have to do it himself. He has players. Great around him. He’s got a great O-line. He’s got a D. He’s got a great team.

His prescription for success under the circumstances: “Just go do your part and you’ll be fine.”

Balls played for both the Eagles and 2023 Super Bowl opponent, Kansas City Chiefs. Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid recruited him in 2012. He played with the two brothers who together form Kelsey BowlEagles center Jason Kelsey and Chiefs Court End Travis Kelsey.

Foles didn’t forget Jason Kelsey’s speech from 2018 Super Bowl Paradeor pantomime his.

“I can’t wait for his next uniform, his next speech, his Hall of Fame speech. The guy is one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He’s the heart and soul of this team,” Foles said.

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He said that prior to the Super Bowl he had not agreed to do marketing deals or promotions. He didn’t want to have any distractions.

He said, “You just have to block out the noise.” “Honestly, I only spoke to my wife the two weeks before that.”

After winning the Super Bowl, Foles told jurors in court, he specifically remembers standing on the court and holding his young daughter, Lily — looking at his team, coaches, and fans, and taking in the joyful spectacle.

“It’s more than the ring, the ring stays in a drawer somewhere,” Falls said. “It’s more than a game, it’s the people — the journey everyone has taken, the sacrifice everyone has gone to to be there.

“The minute you win the Super Bowl, everybody wants to know how you feel. The race is over, and you win the race because you’re on top.

“It’s special and humbling.”

This visit to Philadelphia is his first since he was an Eagles player, and it’s an emotional one.

“Your heart starts beating in a different way,” Folse said outside the courtroom. Signs hanging on buildings around City Hall — where Falls testified Thursday — read “Fly Eagles Fly” and “Go Eagles.”

“Even while you’re flying and seeing it, all those feelings start coming back,” he said.

Memories extend beyond Link. Twice, the Philly area has been his home.

“We went to Talula’s Garden last night and my wife and I were going on our date nights there, so I’ve been sending her pictures of the food and the menu,” he said.

Will you see the Philadelphia Folies wearing the Link’s midnight green again? he will welcome it.

“I look forward to coming back and visiting town, you know, hopefully until, when all is said and done, Eagle just retires,” Falls said. “I think this is the right thing to do.”

Meanwhile, the staff of Talula’s, a Washington Square Park restaurant, appears to be doing their part to lure Foles back to Philadelphia.

“I’m full! I’ll be a left tackle because they brought so much food,” he said. “It’s just a special city. “

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