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‘The Idiot’: Londoners’ reaction to Prince Harry’s book

Chances of a reconciliation between Prince Harry, King Charles, the Queen and William are now ‘impossible’ due to fears anything they say to the duke will be shared with the press, The Independent can reveal.

“They are trapped,” said a source close to the palace, adding that the royal family believes fraught relations will remain unchanged while the Duke of Sussex effectively remains “kidnapped by a cult of psychotherapy and Meghan Markle.”

It comes after the duke of sussex opened up his new diary, additionalwhich is said to offer bombshell revelations about his relationship with the royal family, during meeting with Good morning America(GMA) Michael Strahan On Monday, January 9th.

During their conversation, Harry attacked what he claimed were Camilla’s attempts to “rehabilitate” her image, after she was portrayed as the “third person” in his parents’ marriage, but he also sympathized with her, saying in the interview with GMA that she was not an “evil stepmother”.


Watch: Top takeaways from Prince Harry’s interview on ITV

Watch: Top takeaways from Prince Harry’s interview on ITV

Emily AtkinsonJanuary 9, 2023 20:45


Nadine White: Prince Harry was right to tell his story – but he still has a lot to learn about racism

Prince Harry was wrong when he suggested that there is a fundamental difference between “unconscious bias” and racism. nothingOur reporter writes sweat Nadine White.

Emily AtkinsonJanuary 9, 2023 20:00


Revealed: The Royal Family despairs after Harry is kidnapped by a psychotherapy cult

Reconciliation with Prince Harry is “impossible” because CharlesAnd Camila And William fears that anything they say will be published, The Independent understand.

source close to Royal family The king, queen and heir to the throne said they believe the situation will remain the same while the Duke of Sussex remains effectively “kidnapped by the psychotherapy cult and Meghan Markle”.

“They are trapped,” the source said. “They really can’t get involved because whatever they say will be shared with the media. It’s impossible to have a conversation or write a letter because of the risk that anything they say will be put into the public domain by Harry, potentially for commercial expediency.”

“There was a complete breakdown of confidence.”

Alister Jamison He has this detailed report:

Emily AtkinsonJan 9, 2023 19:54


WATCH: Prince Harry says he will watch videos of his mother, Diana, to try to cry

Prince Harry says he has been watching videos of his mother, Diana, trying to cry

Emily AtkinsonJan 9, 2023 19:15


Opinion: What Prince Harry said about his drug use and the psychological reasons behind it

Cocaine, like many other psychoactive drugs, is an effective way to change how we feel or thinkWrites Ian Hamilton. So if you’re feeling low, cocaine can quickly alter that negative feeling and thought pattern. Unlike counseling or Psychological health Services, drugs do not have a long queue or ask invasive questions. Medicines are easy to obtain and act quickly. In this sense, it is clear to see how they can attract someone like a young Prince Harry.

He was not unusual in using drugs such as cocaine at this point in his life, with young men in the past making up the majority of his recreational drug users.

Emily AtkinsonJanuary 9, 2023 18:30


WATCH: Prince Harry says Diana will be ‘heartbroken’ over affair with William

Prince Harry says Diana would be “heartbroken” over her affair with William

Emily AtkinsonJanuary 9, 2023 17:48


The Duke insists the Queen was not angry after he stepped down from her position in the royal family

The publication of Harry Spear’s book, due out on Tuesday, was reported to have been delayed after the Queen’s death, but the duke insisted his grandmother was not angry or upset with him about wanting to step down as a senior royal.

“No. My grandmother and I had a very good relationship. It was no surprise to anyone, least of all to her.” the duke told GMA.

“She knew what was going on. She knew how hard it was. She never told me she was angry. I think she was sad that it had come to that point.”

Emily AtkinsonJanuary 9, 2023 17:22


Prince Harry: The split between him and his family ‘couldn’t be greater’

The Duke of Sussex said the split between him and his family “could not be greater”.

When asked if he thought his book would bring his father and brother back together or widen the divide, Harry told Good Morning America, “I’ve thought about it long and hard, and as far as I can see the divide couldn’t be greater before this book.”

Harry said that if the reconciliation does not happen, he will focus on his life and his family.

“I’m not angry anymore. There are things that will still make me angry, but I’m not angry anymore, because I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

During the interview, Harry said he was “born to serve,” adding, “It runs in my blood.”

Maryam Zakir HussainJanuary 9, 2023, 17:00


All the explosive revelations and allegations from the leaked Harry book Spear so far

Prince Harry has continued his seemingly endless wave of allegations and revelations about the royal family in his new autobiography.

Spear, which was leaked before the official release, covered a wide range of topics from his strained relationship with brother William to the struggles following the death of his mother, Diana, in 1997.

His sexuality, drug use, and time spent in the military are also covered in memoirs that seem to go into uncomfortable levels of detail.

The palace has so far refused to comment on any of the contents of the book, copies of which were sold early in Spain.

Maryam Zakir HussainJanuary 9, 2023 16:40


Prince Harry says his “racist royal hunt” began after meeting Oprah

The Duke of Sussex has been quizzed about why his claims have not surfaced and the Duchess of Sussex about an unnamed monarch has expressed concerns about how dark their unborn son’s skin might be in their Netflix documentary or in his book.

Harry accused the British press of fanning a “racist royal hunt” after the Oprah interview, and warned Anderson Cooper from an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes that he would not discuss the matter further. “That wasn’t brought up in Netflix or in the book,” Cooper said. “Why?”

Harry replied: “The way the British press responded to that was a bit stereotypical. There was a stalking of royal racism. None of us believe that this comment or that experience or that opinion was based on racism.”

Unconscious bias, yes. But I think you speak to the majority of interracial couples around the world that the white side of the family would wonder, whether speaking openly about it or among themselves, what the children would look like. The key word here was concern, not curiosity. But the way What the British press had, what they turned it into, it just wasn’t what it was.”

“You hold on to what happened but you didn’t feel the need to…” Cooper says.

Harry says, “No, but what did you say at the end of the Oprah interview?” Cooper “You won’t discuss it any more.” Harry nodded.

Maryam Zakir HussainJanuary 9, 2023 16:20

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