Patrick Cover wins the Jamaican Open again

Patrick Coover of the United States of America won an award 55 Jamaica Open Golf starring in Trial Golf Club In Sandy Bay, Hanover on Tuesday, he was four strokes ahead of compatriot Josh Anderson, while defending champion Michael Maguire (USA) finished third, just one stroke away.

It was Cover’s second win after his 2019 win at the same venue.

Cover, who topped the leaderboards on all three days with scores of eight under par 64, three under par 69, and two under par 70 for a total of 13 under par 203, was just one of the two subpar golfers each day.

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He was very happy with the results. “It’s great. I love coming down to Jamaica, I love this golf course and plan to be back as long as possible. It’s a great tournament.”

It was a challenge on the course, Coover said, as last year’s winner played well. “MJ (Michael Maguire) played very well, he made it very difficult for me. I think he was 8 through 11 holes and I wasn’t playing as well as I had been the last couple of days but I was playing well but he cleared that lead Pretty quickly even through the first five holes the lead was already gone so it got a little more interesting. I’m glad I finished. (I) played well when I got in.”

Anderson’s scores were 72, two under 70 and 7 under par 65 (best score on the final day) for nine under par 207. Maguire scored three under par 69, one under par 71 and four under par 68 for a total of eight under par. par 208.

“You played great today. Starting seven shots from behind, you really didn’t expect it, you want to play for the win but in the back of your mind you think as if I’m going to play for second so it kind of freed me up at first but once I turned around I knew Seven of I had a chance to drop off the back nine. I played hard all day, kind of steady. It just so happens, I had fun out there. It was good to be in contention, so it was a good day.”

Wesley Brown was the best Jamaican professional in the field. It finished tied for 15th with a score of 69, 77 and 73 for a combined score of three over 219 scores.

Disappointed. “I’m very disappointed, knowing I had to keep going, plus 13 back and nine back and that’s not good in professional golf. I gave a lot. Really proud that I finished low, but I still need to stock up against those guys.

“These are the people I have to take care of when they come here, I mean I have all the tools to do the job and yet again I fail to do the job. It’s a learning curve. I take it as a stepping stone to next year.”

On the amateur front, Justin Burrows of Jamaica topped that category with scores of 76, 70 and 73 for a total of three over 219. He was also the only non-professional golfer to shoot below par. He finished the tournament with a birdie, “That was a really good putt. That was all my caddy honestly. He gave me a really good line and he’s been giving me a really good line all week and I hit a really good putt with a really good pace, and I went, so I gave all the credits to the caddy for that .

“Overall, I’m happy with my game. I feel like there’s something to build on and it’s always an honor to win and I’m really happy about that as well.”

Jamaica’s Xandry Roy and William Nibbs were second and third, respectively. They had 222 (76, 74, 72) and 226 (78, 76, 72), respectively.

The top three players in the top pros were Dwayne Bierman – 220, David Moreland – 226 and Danny King – 230.

In the other division, the senior amateurs, the top two come from Jamaicans, Owen Samuda – 237 (76, 84, 77) and Dr. Mark Newnham – 242 (80, 81, 81) while Robert Sterling of Canada is in third place – 253 (84). 85, 84).

Exciting,” said Judy Moon-Barrow, President of the Jamaica Golf Association. “Golf has been at the highest level we’ve seen for a while. MJ Maguire really tried, he came so close, just a second after the last hole, so I’m very happy with the event this year.”

And according to Scott Somey about introducing sponsor Aqua Bay, “I think it was great. The crazy thing about golf is it tests you physically and mentally and there are all kinds of outside forces that test you as well and it can be the weather and the wind and the fast greens and so we got a little bit of it and I think it’s It was a great tournament and a real test of golf so I’m very happy with it.”

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