Operation and control today | The Stratus Edge Computing platform enables energy processing solutions provider to enhance operational clarity and improve business continuity

Based in Switzerland, the powder processing solutions provider has a long history of manufacturing machinery used by pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies to mix, mix and transport fine powder products. Its operations in the Asia Pacific region serve clients from the region, and benefit from the powder processing technology for which the company is known.

Food and beverage companies rely on the company’s machine to produce coffee powder for example. Machines are also available for pharmaceutical customers, which help them meet stringent requirements in cleaning and processing their products.

High availability of the digital future
To ensure that its operations run unimpeded, the powder processing technology company knew it had to look for an alternative to its current solution, which could not meet its business continuity goals.

It relied solely on a cold backup, running on a normal workstation, to keep operations running at the company in the event of a disruption. I knew that wasn’t enough.

Backups had to be done manually and syncs weren’t always bug-proof. More importantly, snapshots may not always work to achieve a full or quick recovery if something goes wrong in the production system.

The company realized that high availability was essential to the mission-critical equipment used to manufacture powder handling machinery that its customers trusted. Unplanned downtime poses a risk of lost revenue. It also requires a disproportionate amount of resources to get things back up and running again.

Finding solutions that were easy to deploy
The powder handling provider initially sought to create a warm backup system. However, this did not solve the challenge of business continuity. The company still needed a way to quickly recover data in the event of an unplanned disruption.

The technology’s parent company, Winsys Technology, has proposed a highly available system built on the Stratus ztC Edge server. By placing it at an important part of its operations – at the edge of the network to control and monitor the manufacturing process – the powder processing provider was able to gain a better understanding of the real-time situation

With this, employees can monitor the machines remotely without entering the factory floor. Can be more proactive in managing any emergency issue with the manufacturing machine.

“As a systems integrator, we delivered a complete availability solution for our clients that came with minimal effort and infrastructure complexity, so we could focus on designing and programming applications. For our clients, the system gave them more peace of mind so they could focus on manufacturing machinery performance and delivering better experiences. to clients.”
Eugene Yu
Business development Manager
Winsys technology

Building a foundation for the future with Stratus ztC Edge Server
Key to the decision was Stratus’ robust design that makes the ztC Edge server designed for industrial use. The high level that it provides is extremely important, because all data written to disk is automatically reflected.

The Intel-based ztC Edge platform also delivered high performance. A single unit enabled a powder handling provider to monitor and control its manufacturing machinery on premises, running multiple workloads at the same time. This is because ztC Edge server comes with a built-in virtualization feature to allow clients to integrate multiple applications into one platform. This means lower costs and enhanced agility.

Deployment speed and ease of maintenance

Meanwhile, ztC Edge server comes with the ease of installation and maintenance that Stratus is known for. With powerful, instantly switchable nodes, automated data protection, and local site recovery, it helps reduce the complexity of a company’s IT infrastructure.

For a system integrator like Winsys, who has experience integrating IT and Operational Technology (OT), ztC Edge server has demonstrated its ease of use quickly.

“We like that a virtual machine can easily be replicated to another ztC Edge server, which has helped us reduce installation time. We can focus our resources and services on operational requirements and new customer opportunities, while reducing the time we spend responding to customer service or maintenance calls.”
Wang Li
Technical Director
Winsys technology

It can easily set up a remote virtual machine (VM) and make it duplicate on another ztC Edge machine, saving it a lot of time in terms of basic installation. For each installed machine, it can save a day of manpower.

This was a major benefit for the powder processing provider, as the company did not have a full-time IT team to take care of the computing terminal unit. Additionally, with the ease of use of the ztC Edge server, the company can focus less on infrastructure and more on its applications. Upgrading the company’s equipment also provides peace of mind to its critical infrastructure, allowing it to focus on improving its solutions and focus more on its long-term customers.

The Stratus ztC Edge server helped the powder processing provider reduce unplanned downtime, thus improving the reliability and productivity of its production line. This was crucial in enabling her to move forward and build trust with her clients.

The ease of use of the ztC Edge server also means that there is no need to hire a dedicated IT team to be on the station all the time. By being easy to maintain and operate, the system has enabled the company to focus on its core business.

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