NASCAR faces a major shutdown ahead of the 2023 season

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At Point Motorsports, a team in the NASCAR Truck Series may have to close its doors If funding for the 2023 season is not secured, according to Catchfence’s Chris Knight.

Let’s delve into the history of the organization and what’s next for them.

History and past stats for Point Motorsports in NASCAR

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On Point Motorsports was formed in 2018 when former JGL Racing boss Stephen Lane and a group of investors formed Team 30. The organization’s first race was on August 16 with Scott Lagasse Jr. in 31st place.

Jeb Burton and Austin Theriault also started during the season with a best finish of eighth by Theriault at Las Vegas Motor Speedway due to avoiding several shipwrecks.

The 2019 season was the most successful at On Point Motorsports when Brennan Bull drove the 30th truck in 13 events. Paul pulled off a first-place finish at 5th at Charlotte Motor Speedway in second place behind Kyle Busch.

Including the race in Charlotte, Paul went over six races with the worst finish of 19th and three places in the top ten. It is by far the most successful Point Motorsports race in the Truck Series.

In 2020, Paul and Danny Boone split the season while Lagasse managed to finish eighth during his only start to the season. The season’s best finish was by Paul with a seventh-place attempt at Martinsville Speedway.

Boone took the car full time during the 2021 season outside of two events. Boone ran aggressively but not as well as Paul with the best result coming in at 8th at the Talladega Superspeedway.

It was announced that Tate Fogleman would be working full-time on the 30th truck for the 2022 NASCAR season; However, the partnership only lasted 11 events with no top ten finishes, but an average finisher position better than Bohn last year.

Since then, the team has been working with several drives including Kaden Honeycutt, Josh Bilicki, Joey Gase, Camden Murphy and Chris Hacker. The results weren’t great outside of thirteenth place for Honeycutt in Bristol Motor Speedway.

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About the future of Point Motorsports in the NASCAR Truck Series

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Point Motorsports isn’t in a great place financially and that’s something I’ve plagued for years. Sponsorship issues have been around since her first full-time season in 2019.

Lynn spoke to Catchfence about the organization’s status for the 2023 season and beyond in more detail.

“If things don’t change or we can’t find some stability for 2023, I will have no choice but to stop operations and consider doing something different.”

Stephen Lane for Catchfence in the case of On Point Motorsports

The issue of finding sponsorship is not uncommon in NASCAR. It is different from other sports, such as the NBA, where a team can simply sign a contract for a player because they want him to join.

The driver needs associated financing or the organization needs to find care themselves to help get the car or truck on track. This is the main difference between other sports and motor sports.

“Hopefully we’ll reset and find a driver or partners that will allow us to compete and compete in 2023…I think we’ve shown that we can do that in the right conditions and the driver.”

Stephen Lane for Catchfence on the organization’s past NASCAR success

Honeycutt would be a great option if he can secure more funding for the 2023 season. The 19-year-old has done well in his select starts with the 30th team and could represent a building point for the future.

It needs the right opportunity to present itself if the organization does not want to stop operations. The past history of the 30th truck indicates that the driver could potentially win at breakneck speed or improve enough to raise the level of the team like Paul.

It will take some work to make sure the organization can continue its tenure at NASCAR or if it sees the doors closing before the first truck series race at Daytona International Speedway next year.

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