Minaya appointed as a consultant to Yankees GM; Joins Sabean, Hendry

Written by Ronald Bloom – AP baseball writer

NEW YORK (AP) — Leveraging front office talent, the Yankees on Thursday hired Omar Minaya as their senior advisor for baseball operations.

A former general manager of the Montreal Expos and New York Mets, the 64-year-old Minaya joins a group of experienced captains built around Brian Cashman, who has been the Yankees GM since 1998 and is the longest-serving president of baseball operations at the Majors. Leagues. Former San Francisco general manager Brian Sabin was hired Tuesday as an executive consultant and former Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry has been on special scouting duty since 2012.

“We’ve been around long enough to know we don’t know everything and we’ve been around long enough to know we just want to be able to help,” Minaya said.

New York, who had not had a World Series title since 2009, added pitcher Carlos Rodon and reliever Tommy Kanle during the offseason and re-signed Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo.

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The front office is moving to expand its portfolio of baseball operations.

“One of the reasons I stay in Power is because I think I always surround myself with really good, smart people,” said Cashman. “I think the Yankees should use every tool in the toolbox. It’s just another important voice that we can count on when we make decisions, we want to make sure that we make them with our eyes wide open and with all the complete information.”

Minaya was the first Latino Major League Baseball general manager with the Expos from 2002-04 and then went to the Mets as a general manager from 2004-2010.

He said Cashman had contacted him a year ago but it was not the right time.

“I am a firm believer in the importance of the human element,” said Minaya, who considers himself a “contrarian.”

“I’m not one to go along with what the industry says or what people say,” Minaya explained. “You have to be able to be right sometimes when you go up against the grain. But I hope to be able to come up with new ideas and give different ideas and kind of out-of-the-box shows.”

Minaya became a scout with Texas in 1984 and signed Sammy Sosa. He eventually moved on to the position of Director of Professional and International Scouting. He left in September 1997 to become an assistant general manager with his hometown Mets.

He also served as Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations in San Diego from December 2011 through January 2015, served as a senior advisor to Players Association President Tony Clark until December 2017, and then returned to the Mets as a special assistant until November 2020. He has worked in MLB since February as an advisor to amateur scouts.

Sabean worked for the Yankees from 1985 to 1995, then left for the Giants. New York won four World Series titles from 1996-2000 and San Francisco won in 2010, 12 and 14.

“One of the engineers of our breed who has never been given the recognition he deserves,” said Cashman of Sabine. He and Bill Livesey, among others, are the people who signed, drafted, and developed (Derek) Jeters, (Jorge) Posadas, Bernie Williams, (Andy) Petit, and Mariano (Rivera). Arguably the architects of one of the greatest ranch systems ever assembled. launch.”

Since Cashman became GM, the front office has expanded exponentially.

He said, “I share information and then gather as many opinions as possible with the reasons behind our opinions on whether we should go after or oppose the concepts, whether it be agents, free trades, internal promotions or downgrades.” “At the time, we were I think as an industry ignoring a lot of things and making the best decisions we could with the limited amount of information you had.”

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