Theft kingsthe new band featuring the previous band Mega Individuals David Elleson (bass) f Jeff Young (guitar), will release a direct CD/DVD package called “Best of the West… Live at Whiskey A Go Go” On March 24 trans Cleopatra Chronicles. The 17-song set features performances by Megaclassic albums “Killing is my business…and business is good!” And “So far so good so what!”recorded and filmed live at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, California on October 15, 2022 and includes another previous appearance Mega member, Chris Poland (guitar). DVD directed by Michael Sarna to Inmotion Entertainment.

Asked in a new interview with ultimate guitar if he and Ellefson I received any feedback from Mega Leader Dave Mustaine about their new band or recent live shows, tour, small He said, “No, we couldn’t care less…and it’s a win-win. Because all publishing, for example, is on “Best of the West”He gets all this money. We make him money and he doesn’t have to do anything. So, we do the songs because it’s part of our history and the fans want to hear it and we’re going to take advantage of that, and so will he, so it’s a win. How much could anything be cooler than that? So, if he had something to say about it… I don’t imagine it would be very objective… Not that anything he said was objective.”

JeffHis most recent comments mirror those he made last year when he said Thomas S. Orwat Jr. affiliate Rock interview seriesAnd small he f Ellefson “You weren’t really interested.” Mostinreaction to Theft kings. He said, “I’m not paying attention.” “I didn’t really pay attention or follow through Mega Since then, I think, I’ve heard ‘Rest in peace’ album several times, then what you might hear on the radio or in the press.

“For us,” he explained, “it’s not about any malice or revenge; it’s a celebration of the music we’ve all been a part of, that we helped create.” “It’s fun for us to do that.

“People said, ‘You have to do this.’ And we said, ‘Yeah, you’re right.'” we ought to do this.’ It’s a win–it’s a win for us, and it’s a win [Mustaine]Because any performance royalties, anything… if we include live tracks, he’s making money off of it. He’s promoting albums that hopefully fans will come back to and buy, which is what puts money in his pocket. especially “Killing is my business”I think a lot of people will come back and want to rediscover this album after this tour.

“For us, it’s all about positivity,” small added. “We’re all in This is amazing Moment – We live in the moment, and look no further. We do not read any of the comments on chat or any of the things. Because we know what our intention is, and intention is everything. Our intentions are positive. We like to play together. We know we make original music. We do not count on this. We don’t need to ride the poncho out of this. It’s just something the fans want, and you want to give the fans what they want.”

Ellefson Tell yes! You can play the guitar! that intention behind Theft kings He is not sticking up for his former band mates. “This is a celebration, not revenge,” he said. “This is a good moment. This is a happy moment, to celebrate these songs and these songs and these records. So we just cheerfully go at it… It’s, like, ‘Wow. ‘” Wouldn’t it be fun if we went out and played these records? And we do. So this celebration was supposed to be and to bring people together. And honestly, that was kind of my role to always be in Mega. Dave [Mustaine] He always called me “Ambassador,” and I was always that guy, me Morning That young man. So, like, let me just continue that role in our community and have one goodwill.”

Ellefson was expelled from Mega More than a year and a half ago, after sexually tainted messages and explicit videos involving a guitarist were released, Twitter.

David was in Mega From the band’s inception in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 until its recent exit.

in 2004, Ellefson She filed an $18.5 million lawsuit against Dave Mustaineclaiming that Mega The leader cut him on the profits and backed out of a deal to turn them around Megadeth Inc. He got to him when the band broke up in 2002. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed and Ellefson is back Mega in 2010.

smallcomplete with Mega It was spent on recording and touring in support of the band’s 1988 platinum album “So far so good so what!”

Jeff He made headlines in December 2009 for his accusation Mostin who, among other things, “questioned, exaggerated, and lied on some level about nearly every talented musician who’s ever come across his dysfunctional little band.” He also objected Mostinto claim it in an interview smallThe drug problem led to MegaThe 1988 Australian tour was canceled and the band was “banned” from performing in the country.

Poland was a member of Mega From 1984 to 1987, during which time he performed on the band’s classic albums “Killing is my business…and business is good!” And “Peace sells…but who buys?” He is also a featured soloist on the group’s 2004 album, “System failure”.

back in 2004, Poland and/or his management and attorneys will file a lawsuit against him Mostin Regarding the use of the three “Rest in peace” Demos on the reissue of the album without ChrisSo. Chris She finally settled for $9,500, thus ending a professional relationship with dave f Mega.

over the past two decades, PolandIt was the main musical focus of the fusion band Ohm:which has released several full-length studio albums to date.

Theft kings He recently announced the first leg on a planned 2023 world tour, kicking off on February 16th in Joliet, Illinois. the Thrashin’ USA The trip will cross the Midwest, East Coast and Southeast part of the USA until March 15th. As with the band’s 2022 warm-up shows, the line-up, which also includes drummer Fred Ashing As well as a guitarist/vocalist Chaz Lyonwill lead “Killing is my business…and business is good!” And “So far so good so what!” in its entirety. Support on all shows will come from Hatriot.

Talking to Ralph Rasmussen from Bypass the radio Around Theft kingsHis recent performances and future plans, Ellefson “That was a thing,” he said. “Of course everyone knows our names—me, Jeff Young And Chris Poland. We announced that we were going to play a file “Killing is my business” And ‘So far so good so what!’ records. And as it turns out, we ended up playing, like, a half sell peace also. This is probably the most amazing track list I’ve played since [MEGADETH‘s] rude awakening [live album and DVD], when we filmed it in 2001 and I was 20 years younger. So we turned up the gas. There were no holes in it. And that was great. It was very cool. It was very interesting. It made me realize just how amazing those songs were, how detailed and complex… It was a completely different era, too. The songs were written under various pretexts. There was real innovation in those records, stuff from the ’80s, at the time, that we were doing.”

He continued, “We picked four cities. We said, let’s just go out and shoot this, kind of proof-of-concept, show everybody what we’ve got.” I think the first night, when we played in San Diego, the fans immediately understood that. They were, like, “Oh my God. Holy shit. We’ve been asking for this and wanting this for years. And oh my God. Here they are. These are really the guys who played on those records. This is it. And our drummer unique And our singer ChazzThey understood that as younger, so they understood that and were excited to have us with us to do that. So yeah, it was really just a moment in time for that to launch very well. And as a result of that, look, we’ve got live recordings, and we’ve got a lot more stuff coming here in the new year for that. Well, that was just the beginning; This was our first firecracker. There will definitely be more after that.”

in October, small Tell ghost cult journal it Theft kingsHis first original song was recorded in a North Hollywood studio formerly used by the legendary producer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix). As for the musical direction Theft kingsoriginal material, Jeff He said: “It has character Mega – It’s in this ballpark, but it has all of its own elements and all of our influences and some of them Sound Garden/a tool Good vibes in the music and melodies.”

Jeff He was also full of praise pain And Leonsaying, “We really feel a way Ozzy [Osbourne] He must have felt it Randy Rhodes to the world with these two young men we have, both half our age and both composed and musically mature for their age. And we just had a blast. And it’s great that they like music and really study it. ChazzSinger/guitarist plays at Mega Tribute and fronts a Sound Garden Salutation. So he has some of that Chris Cornell Peels… So it’s really cool to hear him sing these songs with a little bit of leanness and this little exuberance that he has. I think the kids will love him because he has that Dimebag Daryl Kind of likeable.”

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