How to enable Bluetooth on a Stadia controller to connect to your Android phone or PC

Stadia, Google’s short-lived cloud gaming platform, shut down immediately on January 18th. However, it didn’t go down without first giving users a parting gift in the form of the ability to open up a Stadia console to work on other services and consoles via Bluetooth.

Shortly after the shutdown, a free tool was published that made the process a little easier, without having to install an app or do any sideloading. This tool works entirely through the Chrome browser and unleashes the Bluetooth capability that was dormant within the device, thus enabling users to play wirelessly on PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

What is a Stadia controller?

Depending on when you signed up for Stadia, you may have one of four colors sold out. Early users able to score a Founders Edition console was Night Blue with orange accents, similar to the Stadia logo. The only other colors available were black, clear white, and wasabi.

The remote is specifically designed to work wirelessly via Chromecast, but it can also be used wired if playing on a desktop computer. It has a similar design to the Xbox controller but with some minor differences that made the controller more comfortable.

What Stadia controller is it compatible with?

The Bluetooth mode has been primarily tested on the PC and mobile platforms below, but it may not work correctly with other device configurations. Not a great deal of testing has been done to ensure compatibility with other services and platforms.

  • Windows 10 and 11 + Steam
  • MacOS 13 + Steam
  • Chrome OS
  • android

It is important to keep in mind that the Stadia Controller’s Bluetooth mode can only communicate with computers that have a Bluetooth Low Energy adapter installed. In addition, Stadia Controller hardware compatibility varies depending on the computer. Some systems may not support touch, also known as vibration.

Can I still use the Stadia remote with the USB cable?

After Stadia shuts down on January 18, 2023, those who want to play wirelessly will need to use Bluetooth mode. Whether or not you have Bluetooth enabled on your device, you can still use a USB cable to connect your Stadia controller to your computer. However, keep in mind that once Bluetooth mode is enabled, you will not be able to switch back to the WiFi mode the console originally shipped with.

How do I enable Bluetooth on the Stadia controller?

  1. To switch to Bluetooth mode, go to On a computer with Chrome OS 108 or later, then click on the button labeled “Switch to Bluetooth mode”. After that, go to the next page and click on the “Start” button.
  2. After reading and agreeing to the terms, you will be prompted to connect your console to an available USB port on your computer. Make sure you’re using a data-transfer-capable USB-C cable and not just a charging cable, preferably the one that came with the remote. Click Continue.
  3. On the next page, find a button labeled “Allow Chrome to verify” and click on it. This will open the list of devices which should show your Stadia console listed under the available options. Choose it, then click the “Connect” button.
  4. Click the Next Step button once the verification of your console is complete.
  5. To continue, you may need to unlock your console by following the instructions on the screen. This involves disconnecting the USB-C cable from the console, then pressing and holding the three-dot button. This also follows by pressing the stadia logo buttons, A, and Y at the same time while reconnecting the USB-C cable. To determine if you have successfully unlocked it, go to the web page and click the Next Step button.
  6. When you click the “Allow Chrome to download” button that appears, you will find that the name “SP Blank RT Family” has replaced the name “Stadia controller” that was displayed earlier. Click on “Connect”.
  7. To complete the installation of the latest software version for the controller’s Bluetooth mode, click Next Step on the page immediately following this step.
  8. On the next screen, click the “Allow Chrome to install” button, then select “USB Composite Device” in the pop-up box that appears. Bluetooth mode will continue to install.

How do I pair my Stadia controller via Bluetooth?

Once you enable Bluetooth mode on your console, the process of pairing it with another system is very simple. You’ll just need to hold the “Y + Stadia” buttons for two seconds until the status light flashes orange. This means that it is now in pairing mode and visible for other devices to connect to.

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