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Perhaps because in its current incarnation Musica Urbana Dealing with a wide range of influences – from the expected bounce of reggaeton to the ominous mood of trap, the frantic dumbo and the gentle rush of Latin pop – the genre has become a focus of freshness and creativity.

All five nominees for Best Música Urbana Album at the 65th GRAMMY Awards are international stars, but none of them allowed fame to stagnate. On the contrary, their albums are defined by the latest innovations and challenging new sounds. Read on to find out more about performances from Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Farruko, Maluma, and Rauw Alejandro.

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Rao Alejandro – Trap Cake, Vol. 2

Released in 2019, the first volume of Cake dust It served as a laboratory where the Puerto Rican singer experimented with unusual materials. Vol. 2 Marches on the same avant-garde principles, serving as a provocative bridge between RawType specific crush vice versa and his troubled third album Saturno.

The production is cool and airy on this sumptuous mini-album that seeps in a hazy cloud of wistful nostalgia. The jukebox-like opening strains of “MUSEO“Hint to precious ambient sounds at hand, while distorted electric guitar and aggressive beats”GRACIAS POR TODOIt opens an interesting window into Rauw’s quirks as a would-be rock pro. Co-produced by Jamaican Helmer Rvssian, the darkly colored “Caprichoso” features contributions from the singer’s romantic partner—the only Rosalía.

bad bunny – Un verano cin t

How do you celebrate confirming your status as a young international pop star? In case if bad bunnyreleased the ultimate summer album—a fantasy mixtape, supposedly booming in the background as the poolside party raged on.

Puerto Rican Phenomenon focuses on his usual interests—erotic foreplay, desire as a super life force, the pungent taste of romantic separation—but the atmospheric beats and layers are more stripped-down and psychedelic than previous releases. despite of Un verano cin t Boasting stellar collaborations with the likes of Tainy, Rauw Alejandro, and Chencho Corleone, the album finds some of its most compelling takes on stylistic turns.”Augustus LindosWith Colombia Pumbaa Estero and alternative tropic rocks.Otro attackerWith Marias.

Daddy Yankee – Legend

2022 was the year Gasolina pioneer shocked the Latin music establishment by announcing his retirement at the age of 46. Fortunately, Daddy YankeeThe farewell came in the form of a sprawling party record. Legend It sounds like a passionate, sometimes wistful, love letter to the boundless diversity that has always defined Afro-Caribbean music.

Yankee speed renditions and Reggaetón models are still ever-present, but the list also includes some whimsical dembow (“BOMBÓN,” with Lil Jon and Dominican hitmaker El Alfa), and the truly amazing fusion of salsa, reggaeton and spidery bachata lines on the move”rumbaton.” on me “seduceJoin Yankee Rauw Alejandro and the Guitar God Nile Rodgers For a jam infused post-disco scent. The Yankee’s thrilling live performances will be missed, but this soulful swan song offers a fittingly epic finale to a stellar career.

Farruko – No 167

A seasoned veteran in Urbano Farruko has always been progressive in his mission to expand stylistic boundaries. The title of his seventh studio album is a reference to the singer/songwriter’s childhood memories: Highway 167 in the Bayamón region of Puerto Rico where he grew up.

At the same time, the album also reflects Farruko’s extensive travels through Latin America. The group’s hit, “Pepas,” is an electro-guarache anthem that stays close to the genre’s Colombian roots. “Baja KaleLatin rap mixes with the young generation of corridos that define the present music mexicanaand blisswfm(features Jamaican singer Mavado) delves into sweet dance vibes. Play”jebaroFarruko cherishes his burrico ancestry alongside Pedro Capo, the man of the bolero revival. Man of the world, he looks happiest when he comes home.

Maluma – love and sex bar

In 2021, Maluma surprised fans with her release #7DJ (7 Dias In Jamaica), a refreshing EP of reggae tracks. A silky mini album of eight new songs, love and sex bar Finds the Medellin native as he delves into the sensual reggaeton novels that made him famous.

A duet with fellow Colombian Fide, “Mogando Asientos” is suitably hilarious, and self-explanatory”Nos comemos vivosGains in intensity thanks to the street attitude of the ubiquitous Chencho Corleone. Maluma succumbs to hedonism with abandon, and comes to the corollary that life is, in fact, very beautiful (“La Vida es Bella. “) upscale ending,”happy birthdayincorporates the emotional groove of Afrobeats, suggesting that Maluma’s remarkable creative shifts would reappear in later works.

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