Deep waters or deep pockets? Ana de Armas net worth in 2023 and how the ‘Gray Man’ star made it

A “blonde” ambition, indeed!

Ana de Armas She has been working steadily in Hollywood making a name for herself Long the time. However, since it recently blew up, it might seem like it was overnight Success-But Ana de Armas net worth It reflects her years of hard work.

After getting into a high-profile love affair with Ben Affleck while participating in the tournament Deep waterde Armas character life He was in the spotlight too. She also has some highly anticipated projects, like NC-17 Rated Marlin Monroe Biography blond. There’s no time like the present to look back on the latest Bond girl and what she’s currently up to.

here is all you need to know about Ana de Armas net worth.

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How did Ana de Armas become famous?

Ana de Armas has worked on Spanish-language projects since around 2006. She later moved on to creating English-language projects around 2015, including co-starring with Keanu Reeves in 2015 knock knock And together Jonah Hill And Miles Teller in 2016 war dogs. However, it wasn’t until she starred as an artificial intelligence holographic projectionist in 2017 Blade Runner sequel Blade Runner 2049 It began to gain notoriety in the United States, in addition to being nominated for a Saturn Award.

Next, her outstanding performance was as the lead in 2019 Take out the knives It placed her on the Hollywood A-list and earned her a Golden Globe nomination. She soon followed this role up with a young but sexy girl on a Bond mission Daniel CraigSwan song James Bond2021 No time to diefirmly establishing itself as a household name.

What is Ana de Armas net worth?

Spanish-Cuban actress early in her career. As a result, in the year 2023, Ana de Armas He has a reported net worth 6 million dollars. While that amount isn’t something to shake your head at, it is definitely on the lower end for most A-list actors.

How much does Ana de Armas earn? No time to die?

Not much is known about Ana de Armas’ payday No time to die. But, It has been reported Anne de Armas was paid $70,000 for her memorable small role in the Bond movie. While that’s certainly a lot less than the $25 million salary Daniel Craig received, it’s still good money for the exciting role.

How much did Ana de Armas pay? Blade Runner 2049?

It is not known how much Ana de Armas was paid for her role in Blade Runner 2049. However, since de Armas didn’t gain much star power in the States at the time and because the role was supporting, we can imagine it was in the tens of thousands versus millions range.

How much does Ana de Armas earn? Deep water?

There is little information available about Ana de Armas salary for the year 2022 Deep water. But, It has been reported Anne de Armas earned $700,000 for her role in the erotic thriller. However, this is ten times less than the salary of her male colleague, Ben Affleck, who was reportedly paid $7 million for the film. This kind of pay disparity is sadly common between the sexes in Hollywood, though acknowledging that Affleck is a bigger name than de Armas.

How much did Ana de Armas pay? gray man?

Ana de Armas is set to take on the tournament gray man which is shown for the first time Netflix On July 15th. Her stars are Ryan GoslingAnd Chris EvansAnd DhanushAnd Jessica Henwick And Reggie Jean Page. For her role, she Reportedly paid $400,000. Unfortunately, that’s much less than what its male co-stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans were paid, earning $10 million and $15 million, respectively. Both Gosling and Evans have had longer Hollywood careers than de Armas, but the pay disparity is still incredibly large.

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How much did he do? Take out the knives actors?

Take out the knives She is Ana de Armas highest-grossing movieAnd Having earned just over $311 million worldwide. However, it is not known how much the actors in the film, including de Armas, were paid for their roles. But it is known that Daniel Craig has become the highest paid actor in recent years Because of a deal with Netflix for Monday Take out the knives sequel to streamer, knives outside 2 And knives out 3.

We can imagine the day de Armas paid for Take out the knives It was far less than the $100 million deal Craig struck. Since her salary seems to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for most of her recent projects, we imagine her being paid for Take out the knives Most likely in the same range as well.

As for his co-stars, Chris Evans tends to make tens of millions for his roles. We can imagine Craig’s salary for the first movie would have been in that range plus considering the deal he had for the sequel. Meanwhile, veteran actors Jamie Lee Curtis And Christopher Plummer He likely had the clout in earning millions in salaries as well. However, the exact amount that was paid is not known.

How much does Ana de Armas earn per movie?

It is not known exactly how much Ana de Armas produced for each film. But, Some sources indicate Earn over $600,000 a year. Since we know de Armas has been paid in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of her recent roles, we can imagine her pay is in that range now for her movie roles. However, as her star power continues to grow, it stands to reason that her salary will also rise.

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