DC characters merge with their Marvel counterparts in stunning art

DC characters are merging with their Marvel counterparts in stunning new art, which raises the question of the possibility of a future MCU/DCU crossover.

case for Marvel Cinematic Universe And the DC Universe The crossover is made possible by a brilliant new piece of art that merges DC characters with their Marvel counterparts in a stunning use of AI art. James Gunn was recently appointed as the new creative lead of the DCU, joining producer Peter Safran in the role of co-CEO of DC Studios. Gunn’s previous working relationship with Marvel Studios through his directing of Guardians of the Galaxy The franchise could be fruitful for potential talks about a DCU and MCU crossover with Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

Today display

user Felix lantern He recently took to Instagram to share amazing AI art photos of DC and Marvel characters fused with their counterparts. The actors have had roles in both Marvel and DC projects before, so there’s some precedent for the crossover on the big screen. The art imagines some DC and Marvel characters merged together, including a mix between Batman, Moon Knight, The Flash, Quicksilver, Thanos, and Darkseid, among others. Check out the full art collection below:

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Why James Gunn & Kevin Feige should plan an MCU/DCU crossover

James Gunn and Kevin Feige

As DC Studios’ new chief creative officer, Gunn is now tasked with carefully crafting the new DCU, so that DC’s next chapter won’t re-right wrongs made by the previous administration. Nobody understands the concept of developing a shared cinematic universe better than I Marvel Cinematic Universe boss Feige, who completely changed the game for the entertainment industry, with his work in the MCU that has been universally acclaimed by both critics and fans alike. The current combined earnings of the MCU at the box office is $28 billion. Gunn and DC would like to see the DCU reach this level.

A crossover between the DCU and MCU could benefit both superhero companies. Of course, Gunn’s plans for a DCU reboot must continue as usual, as DC needs to craft a franchise strong enough to survive on its own. Still, there’s nothing stopping Gunn from discussing a potential partnership with his former collaborator Feige that could provide a quick string of successes to get DC back on its feet. While the DCU/MCU crossover could help rebuild DC, it’s possible Marvel could use the help after a controversial series of… releases during Phase 4 of the MCU. The MCU’s franchise-wide ongoing multiverse story could be paired with the DCU’s take on the multiverse, which begins this June. Sparkle A solo movie, in which the two universes intersect.

What DC and Marvel characters should unite in a movie

James Gunn with DC and Marvel logos

There’s a lot of potential in a possible DC and Marvel crossover. Great combinations of characters from both franchises could go one of two ways, either combining similar personalities, or going with duos that have opposite personalities. If Gunn and Feige had to choose a more unconventional pairing, there could be an interesting crossover in the way of Margot Robbie’s anarchic villain/anti-hero Harley Quinn teaming up with Tom Holland’s do-gooder Peter Parker/Spider-Man, with the characters interacting potential. Great comic. On the other hand, whenever a new Superman is thrown into the DCU, follow Director Henry Cavill DChe can join Chris Evans’ Captain America on a multiverse adventure that will make comic book fans smile all the way through MCU And the DCU Crossing.

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