CTO Genetic Analysis Finalist in Innovation Challenge Lyfebulb and Bristol Myers Squibb Addresses Unmet Need in IBD

Oslo, NorwayAnd January 27, 2023 – Molecular Diagnostic Specialist, AS genetic analysis (“GA”) announces the appointment of a Director of Technology for GA Curry Foro He was a finalist in the Lyfebulb Innovation Challenge 2022 in collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb (“BMS”) for unmet need in inflammatory bowel disease (“IBD”). GA’s introduced Curry IBD Biomarker Project to a jury of experts covering the business, venture capital and healthcare industries at a summit at BMS’s headquarters Princeton, New Jersey Day 25y January.

Curry Foro Selected in December 2022 as one of ten finalists in the Lyfebulb Innovation Challenge 2022. Finalists were selected based on the potential impact on patients and their loved ones, as well as the feasibility and sustainability of the innovations to market. Curry Foro GA introduced IBD Biomarker Project Developing a new diagnostic test to be launched in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases. The GA project aims to address a significant unmet clinical need “An Unmet Need in Diagnostics of IBD – Microbiota as a Diagnostic Predictive Tool”. This product will be an important aid in determining the optimal treatment regimen for IBD patients, ensuring personalized care.

The panel of industry experts included:

  • Greg LewisPresident and Managing Partner, Calcium
  • Jackie ZimmermanIBD patient ambassador
  • Russell J. WyborskyPh.D., Director, IBD Ventures Investments, Crohn’s and Colon Foundation
  • Sophie BalzoraMD, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine in NYU Grossman School of Medicine
  • Michael McInerneyExecutive Director, digital health in Innovative Business Development Technologies at Bristol Meyers Squibb

Curry ForoCTO, Genetic Analysis, Comments:
“Targeted microbiota testing that enables an improved treatment regimen for the IBD patient will reduce disease burden by preventing unnecessary side effects from inadequate treatment and preventing further disease progression. Since most healthcare costs related to IBD are driven by medication, this is Targeted therapy is expected to significantly reduce the economic burden of IBD on healthcare systems.”

Ronnie HermansenCEO of Genetic Analysis, comments:
“We are incredibly proud of Carey and the entire development team at GA. This nomination demonstrates that GA-map® technology is at the forefront of microbiome innovation, giving us great momentum as we continue to take microbiome diagnostics to the next level.”

about the IBD Biomarker Project
IBD Biomarker Project It aims to develop a new diagnostic test for launch in the field of IBD and is being conducted in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg And Akershus University Hospital, which will be the clinical locations of patient recruitment. GA has received grant funding from 16 million Norwegian crowns from Norwegian Research Council.

For more information, please contact:Ronnie Hermansenchief executive officer
Email: rh@genetic-analysis.com

About genetic analysis:
AS genetic analysis (GA) is a science-based diagnostics company and leader in the human microbiome field with over 10 years of experience in research and product development. The unique GA-map® platform is based on a predefined multiplex targets approach specialized for the simultaneous analysis of a large number of bacteria in a single reaction. Test results are generated through the use of a sophisticated, clinically validated GA-map® software algorithm. This enables immediate results without the need for further bioinformatics work. GA’s vision is to become the leading manufacturer of standardized tests for the gut microbiome worldwide, and GA is committed to helping unlock and restore the human microbiome through its state-of-the-art technology. GA employs a team of highly qualified personnel with scientific backgrounds and proficiency in Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology and Bioengineering.

For more information: www.genetic-analysis.com

Interested in reading more about GA products? Please visit ga-map.com



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