Craig Gould remembers that Ronnie James Dew bought him food as an act of charity

At the September 20 premiere of the first documentary about the life and times of the legendary metal icon Ronnie James Deo At TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, formerly DIO guitar player Craig Goldy tell a story runekindness towards him. Talking to “Playing Out Show with Eric Blair”And the Craig He said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “When I first entered the group rough cutI came from being homeless, living on the streets. [Wendy Dio, Ronnie‘s widow and longtime manager, who also managed ROUGH CUTT] She actually hired me equipment to take part in the auditions because I didn’t have any. So they were really good for me just for the sake of testing rough cut. then [Ronnie] He sat the test and we did it [BLACK SABBATH‘s] ‘Heaven and Hell’ And the [RAINBOW‘s] “Man on the Silver Mountain” together. And then when I got a [ROUGH CUTT] Nagging, I’m a couch sleeper because I’m still homeless, but I had a place to say it with the band members. One day, the band member came home and yelled and yelled that I used a can of tuna to make a tuna sandwich. I know this sounds silly. This proportion has been heard all over the world. The next day, I looked out the window and thought I could see runetow a car. there runeAnd theWendy With two bags full of groceries. They go up the stairs, they kick the door – because they don’t have a free arm. open the door. They stormed inside. They slammed the groceries on the table. They go, ‘These are Craig. Leave him alone.’ They drove off as fast as they could and then started recording for ‘Holy Epiphany’ [album] repeatedly. shut up ‘Holy Epiphany’ Recording session that day to go to the store to shop specific items that would become four full bags of groceries on top of a tuna sandwich for me. Now, how do you forget something like that? That’s the level of kindness that man has.”

Goldi join DIO during the “holy heart” Tour in 1986 after the original guitarist Vivian Campbell He was expelled from the group after a controversial business dispute with the legendary heavy metal singer and runeManagement. After joining DIOAnd the Goldi had become Ronnie James DeoRight guy and keep writing like this DIO classics like “Evil dream”And the “One more for the road”And the “As long as it’s not about love” And many other things.

for several years, Goldi I played sporadic shows with DIO . pupilswhich is made up of former members of the DIOalong with a rotating lineup of singers, including ex Priest Judas confrontation leader Tim “Reaper” Owens.

Back in 2015, Goldi Greeting for runeSays rocky scene: “As you will always remember where you were on 9/11, anyone who heard Ronnie James Deo Singers for the first time will always remember where they are. I will never forget that. [I was] sitting in the car with a friend of mine; We were getting the band together. I was so upset deep purple He had just broken up and the disco was taking the scene, so the world was turned upside down. Suddenly I heard “Man on the Silver Mountain” [from Ritchie Blackmore‘s RAINBOW] Come on to the radio, and I said, “Who the hell is that?” And the next thing I know… I came from an abusive family, so I used to live on the streets of San Diego. Five years later, I’m heading to Madison Square Garden with my favorite singer, Ronnie James DeoPlaying the songs we wrote together, it was a real dream come true. So dreams come true.

He completed:rune He changed the world because he created his own world with his words and the way he was written. And it is also… This kind of music calls out to the oppressed and the black sheep of the globe. Because you hear what hurts rune It was…a topic that also hurt me. And when he was angry, these are the things I was angry about. So it was as if we were talking to each other before we met; It was as if I knew him even before I met him. And he had that relationship with the whole world.”

Goldi He added, “He’s been so good with his fans. I mean, he’s always picking less and making them more. The weird guy who got behind the scenes who’s always overlooked or was the last guy to get picked on the volleyball team upstairs at school, rune You’ll pick it up and make it feel more special. He always had a way of making you feel like you were the only one in the room the time you were together. It would be like getting the golden ticket to the factory and meeting Willy Wonka In the chocolate factory. And so you had the keys to the kingdom and you would be able to meet the king, and he would turn it all around and become your servant. And he goes, ‘Hey, can I have anything for you? Can I do anything for you? Can I make you a sandwich? Can I pour you a drink?’ And then he kindly blew their minds.

“Anyone they had never met in person, they had a special relationship with him because of the way he wrote, the way he sang and the way his fans were. His family was the world and the whole world was affected by this guy.”

He was asked about the most important thing he learned from him runeAnd the Craig Tell guitar world Magazine in a 2013 interview: “There’s a lot, but a lot of it first. The music has to feel good. The groove has to be cool because a lot of guitarists write for the lever first. The way he wrote the songs was special too, because he really toils. The songwriting act The hit is the melody first, the lyrics second. A lot of people don’t; a lot of singers sit with their notebooks full of words and try to cram their words into a song. So the two were already sitting around gathering dust and trying to call it an original song. That’s not how you do it. You have to start from scratch.”

He completed:[Ronnie] He’s really going to toil because it’s hard to tell a story and gets people to heart with the limited amount of vocals in the song. It’s not an easy task, but I watched him do it and learned from him.”

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