Could capitals be suitable for Erik Carlson and/or Bo Horvat?

The Washington Capitals, post-2018 Stanley Cup winners, are a team with their roster in flux as their front office staff fight to stay competitive while dealing with an aging core. That hasn’t changed for the 2022-23 season and has been exacerbated by the unfortunate long-term injury glut of key players.

The Caps are also slated to have thirteen current roster members become unrestricted free agents this summer. Three other free agents will be restricted. So, the current injury issues plus not having much salary committed in the future means the Caps will be an exciting follow-up to next year in terms of roster building.

The 32 Ideas podcast, hosted by Sportsnet’s Elliott Friedman and Jeff Marek, They pondered those fine points in their latest episode. The duo pondered if some potential hat-trick could come during this season and specifically teased the San Jose Sharks defenseman. Eric Carlson and the Vancouver Canucks Center Bo Horvat.

Note: Friedman has explicitly said that he does not have specific information on any of the players regarding the caps. It’s just spitballing given the current state of the team, shown above.

“Washington will have a lot of flexibility on defense,” Friedman said. “This is not me looking at it, this is me just looking at it and saying I can see situations where [the Caps] They are players [Karlsson]. Again, Carlson has to want to go and there has to be a willingness to make a deal.”

The flexibility NHL insiders point to is the fact that Jon Carlson is the only NHL defenseman the Caps have on a guaranteed contract for next year. This will be very important for any team looking to acquire Karlsson as the 32-year-old Swede has been signed for four more seasons after this one for a reported $11.5 million.

The much-injured Carlson has seen a return to Norris Cup form this season, scoring 28 points (11 goals, 17 assists) in 19 games so far with the Sharks. Only Connor McDavid currently leads the league in overall scoring.

“The only thing I question with the Washington Capitals is – [Caps] They will do whatever it takes to get that record,” Marek continued. “To catch Gretzky and beat Gretzky. I know John Carlson is already there as a right-handed batsman. Want another right-handed shot at Erik Karlsson to make sure someone gets the puck to Ovechkin? There will be no rebuilding of hats as long as Ovi is chasing this record. They are going to continue to include players to give him the best possible chance of getting him.”

Horvat is a player of the same type, but his situation is completely different as he is an unrestricted free agent after this season. Marek and Friedman discussed his situation further in the sense that he would be an addition to help the team better compete for the rest of this season’s schedule.

I agree with your theory about [the Capitals]Follow Friedman. “I’m curious to see what they’re going to do. They have a lot of flexibility here – I think they’d be a great team to watch. Number one, they have to see if there’s any chance of him playing Backstrom. I have to say if he can’t, I wonder if they make a team.” Horvat”.

Marek replied, “Wow, that makes a lot of sense.”

The overall picture for the team in the middle is still interesting, especially given Backstrom’s future is up in the air. Veteran Swede Skater with the team For the first time this season on Saturday. Dylan Strom and Lars Eller did not have contracts for the next season, and Conor McMichael, Alixi Protas and Hendrix Lapierre still had to be trusted with any significant time on the ice center in the NHL.

“The only thing is that [Horvat] He’s the scorer, and Ovechkin is the scorer,” Friedman finished. “Backstrom is the most passer. Just something I was thinking about. These are things that just popped into my head.”

Horvat is Vancouver’s second leading scorer with 20 points (14 goals, 6 assists) from 17 games and trails only McDavid when it comes to leading the league in goals scored.

The team has earned five points from nine matches in November so far and is currently in seventh place in the Capital Division with a total of 17 points. They have also played at least one more game than any other team in the Eastern Conference.

If the plan is to continue to make the postseason this year despite a slew of major injuries, a move like Carlson’s or Horvat’s may need to be made sooner rather than later.

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