Macron arrives at the White House on the first state visit of the Biden administration

CNN – US President Joe Biden participates in a series of events as part of his job First state visit Since taking office, meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron After welcoming him and his wife Brigitte Macron, Thursday. Macron’s trip to the White House marks their second time as guests of honor on a state … Read more

China softens the tone of the Corona virus after the protests

BEIJING (Reuters) – China has softened its tone on the severity of COVID-19 and is easing some coronavirus restrictions even as its daily death toll climbs near record levels, after anger over the world’s toughest restrictions fueled protests across the country. Several cities in the world’s second-largest economy, while still reporting new infections, are breaking … Read more

Zelensky warns that Russia is “plotting something” in the south while stepping up aggression in northern Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He warned during an overnight speech that Russia was “planning something” in Ukraine’s southern regions as Russian forces ramp up their aggression in the north. Despite the significant progress made by Ukrainian forces in pushing Russian forces completely out of the northern Kharkiv region and pushing Russian forces east across the … Read more

Coronavirus protests escalated in Guangzhou as China’s lockdown anger boiled over

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) – People in Guangzhou, China’s manufacturing hub, clashed with white riot police wearing hazmat protective gear on Tuesday night, videos on social media showed, as frustration with strict COVID-19 rules boiled over. 19 three years later. epidemic. Clashes in the southern city constituted an escalation of protests In the commercial center of Shanghai, … Read more

China’s security apparatus swings into action to stifle Covid protests

CNN – China Extensive security services quickly moved to choke Mass protests that swept the country, with police patrolling the streets, checking cellphones and even calling some protesters to warn them not to repeat it. In major cities on Monday and Tuesday, police flooded the sites of protests that took place over the weekend, when … Read more

Zero-Covid Policy: Why is China still experiencing severe lockdowns? | China

China’s strategy to control Covid-19 through lockdowns, mass testing, and quarantines has raised concerns The largest public opposition show Against the ruling Communist Party for decades. start, China It succeeded in suppressing the virus, but then more transmissible variants emerged, and in recent weeks the outbreak has grown with record numbers of reported cases. Global … Read more

A BBC journalist has been “beaten and kicked by the police” as protests spread across China

CNN Business – BBC journalist Edward Lawrence was arrested by police in Shanghai at the scene of Sunday night’s protests, according to the BBC, as captured in what appears to be cellphone footage of the arrest. While he has since been released, a BBC spokesperson expressed grave concern about his treatment, saying he had been … Read more

Canada launches new Indo-Pacific strategy, focused on ‘disruptive’ China

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada on Sunday launched its long-awaited Indo-Pacific strategy, pledging more resources to deal with a “troubled” China as it works with the world’s second-biggest economy on climate change and trade issues. The 26-page document outlined spending of C$2.3 billion ($1.7 billion), including to bolster Canada’s military presence and cyber security in the … Read more

Wagner Group recruits from the Central African Republic abandoned in Ukraine

Abuja, Nigeria –The infamous Russian Wagner Group Have abandoned dozens of former Central African Republic (Central African Republic) in the Ukrainian region of Donbass after being conscripted to fight Vladimir Putin’s warTwo former combatants in the Central African Republic told The Daily Beast. CAR sources, which Wagner recruited after it quit the UPC rebel group … Read more

Ukraine remembers the Stalin-era famine as war rages on in Russia

Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine accused the Kremlin on Saturday of reviving Joseph Stalin’s “genocidal” methods, as Kyiv commemorated a Soviet-era famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in the winter of 1932-33. Holodomor Remembrance Day comes as Ukraine struggles to fend off invading Russian forces and deal with power outages caused by air strikes that Kyiv … Read more