The slowing economy is putting pressure on the profits of Microsoft and other tech giants

Microsoft’s personal computing sales fell precipitously The advertising market continues to weaken A quick recovery in the tech sector seems unlikely, as US giants used December quarter earnings announcements to give investors a sobering view of trading conditions for the year. despite of Microsoft (US: MSFT) Quarterly results beat analyst expectations last week, and the … Read more

Everything as a Service (XaaS) Market: In-depth Analysis from 2018-2027, Highlighting Major Players, Types, Applications, Regional Trends, Opportunities, Challenges and Risk Factors in the Competitive Landscape

Douglas Insights Major players in the everything-as-a-service market include Dell Technologies Inc. and Inc. (Amazon Web Services or AWS), Accenture LLP, Cisco Systems, Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Oracle Corp. and HCL Technologies Ltd. and AT&T Inc. SAP SE and Nokia Corp. and Alphabet Inc. (Google Corp.). DOuglas, … Read more

How to set up your Apple Watch

ZDNET Apple is known for creating products that “just work”, and Apple Watch No exception. The setup process is simple, if not always quick, requiring a few clicks and a bit of patience. Making things simpler is that the process is nearly identical across all Apple Watch models and variants, from something as old as … Read more

Why quantum computing threatens security as we know it [Q&A]

Much of our current IT infrastructure relies on DNS to route traffic securely. Securing that infrastructure in turn relies heavily on encryption, but there is a threat looming. Quantum computing will provide a level of processing power that could render existing encryption technologies obsolete, and that’s a problem for all of the internet and networking … Read more

What NRI investors want from the government

Foreign investors are eagerly awaiting the upcoming budget of the Union, anticipating the investment climate that it will herald and the potential opportunities for partnership with one of the largest and growing global economies. The Indian government’s vision to transform the country into a $5 trillion economy and its adoption of Pillar I and II … Read more

A&T Capital Releases “Web3 Trends 2023” Report

A & T Capital Launch the Web3 Trends 2023 report, it delves into the six trends that will shape the future of the Web3.0 era. A revolutionary shift in the infrastructure of the Internet ZK2 layer Parallel Computing, Modular Design, and Blockchain for Applications AA Portfolio vs. EOA Portfolio Trends in exchanges: transparency and decentralization … Read more

How to format a USB drive on Windows 11

Do you want to clean a USB drive or change its file system? It’s easy to format a USB drive on Windows 11, and we’re here to show you how. USB drives allow us to easily transfer files between different devices, be it different computers or – with the advent of USB OTG – even … Read more

Data Privacy Day: Security threats are expanding; Are the tech giants stepping in to help?

We say every year to celebrate our annual Data Privacy Day on January 28th, and 2023 is no different. The threat of access to your data online without your consent is more likely than it was last year. Smartphones, computers, all the apps you use, web browser, smart wearable devices and even smart homes access … Read more