The Apple Cyber ​​Monday deals are almost over: More than 35 deals are still available

– Recommendations are selected independently by the review editors. Purchases you make through the links below may earn us and our publishing partners a commission It’s officially December and the Cyber ​​Monday deals are about to end! But if you missed your chance to shop earlier this week, it’s not too late. For now, you … Read more

The US Embassy is the latest target in a series of mined letters in Spain

The first explosive device was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office on November 24 Five similar booby-trapped messages were received on Wednesday and Thursday An official of the Ukrainian Embassy was slightly wounded in the explosion of one explosive device Another device was found at the US Embassy in Madrid It also targeted the Ministry … Read more

How cyberspying into unsolved University of Idaho killings could be ‘extremely dangerous’

On Wednesday, the authorities also retracted an earlier statement regarding the killing Four students from the University of IdahoQuestions are growing about this issue Frustration with the police And it gave rise to amateur detectives bent on cracking it. Mourners gathered at the University of Idaho for a vigilance On Wednesday evening, the same night, … Read more

An artist and a chef team up to imagine the dinner of the future. Includes animation, virtual reality, and soundtracks

If you’re looking to experience contemporary art, fine dining, and cutting-edge technology at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, look no further than RMX Aerobankswhere the artist Mattia Casalegno She has teamed up with Chef Chintan Pandya to create a futuristic meal that you eat wearing a VR headset. Since diners are unable to see … Read more

Actuaries highlight the need for the ethical use of AI in insurance

While artificial intelligence (AI) promises faster and smarter decision-making, the Institute of Actuaries and the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) are concerned about potential discrimination and highlight the need to prevent it. To address this issue, they created a guidance resource designed to help insurers and actuaries comply with federal anti-discrimination legislation when AI is … Read more

Beats Flex get a leopard print design in a new collaboration with Wacko Maria

Apple Beats today announced a new collaboration with two Japanese designers Waco Maria For a limited edition Beats Flex Headphones featuring a leopard print design with a dual color cable. The Beats Flex are entry-level in-ear headphones from Beats that debuted in 2020 as an evolution of previous BeatsX models. While the Beats Flex connects … Read more

Elon Musk expects Neuralink to begin human trials within six months

(Reuters) – Elon Musk said on Wednesday that a wireless device developed by Neuralink for brain chips is expected to begin clinical trials in humans within six months, and that one of its first targeted applications is restoring sight. The company is developing brain chip interfaces that it says could enable disabled patients to move … Read more

“Scream, you can feel it”

A 10-year-old boy is facing a mindless murder charge as an adult for allegedly shooting and killing his mother. A neighbor spoke to Kristin Pearce on WISN 12 News about what he heard and saw on the morning of November 21. “The only thing I heard was screaming,” said a neighbor who did not wish … Read more