Twins mailbag: The role of ownership has changed, and why Emilio Pagán and Max Kepler are back in limbo

I’m headed to the Winter Meetings next week, but before the entire baseball world congregates in San Diego, let’s open the mailbag and answer your questions about where twins Standing after the first month off season. What, if anything, do you see changing in the organization with Joe Pohlad’s new role? – Carl T. Jim … Read more

Egyptians are calling for the British Museum to return the Rosetta Stone

Cairo (AFP) – Debates over who owns ancient artifacts have posed a growing challenge for museums across Europe and America, and the British Museum’s most-visited piece: the Rosetta Stone. The inscriptions on the dark gray granite slab became the primary breakthrough in deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs after it was taken from Egypt by British Empire … Read more

Old enemies threaten Gamache in “A World of Curiosities”, the soon-to-be main original series

A World of Curiosities by Louise Penny What do you belong to? Chief Inspector Armand Gamache returns to investigate the murders while uncovering the village’s ancient secrets and confronting his own demons. in Louise Pennynew puzzle, Curiosity world (Minotaur), the past and present of Quebec Chief Inspector Sourete Armand Gamache collide once again in the … Read more

Former MLB player Jason Grimsley explains his addiction struggles in the book

Scottsdale, Arizona — Three FBI agents drove up to the rented 5,100-square-foot home in this quiet suburban Scottsdale neighborhood and asked Jason Grimsley of the Arizona Diamondbacks to come to the front door. That was the morning of April 19, 2006. This was the day that Grimsley’s 15-year Major League Baseball career effectively ended. Grimsley … Read more

He is in the right field for the Yankees, and is a Navy veteran

Written by Joe Guzzardi During the New York Yankees’ unprecedented run to five consecutive World Championships between 1949 and 1953, manager Casey Stengel had an arsenal of stars and superstars on whom he relied. Some were icons like Mickey Mantle, while others were interchangeable standouts like outfielders Irv Noreen and Gene Woodling. But one of … Read more

2022 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Charlie Morton

Charlie Morton He was a staple in the rotation Atlanta Braves in 2022. He led the team in starts and pitched 172 runs batted in and this was after breaking his leg during the 2021 World Series. Unfortunately, it’s been a down year for the veteran rookie considering how great he’s been in recent years. … Read more

The Omaha Hockey League split its weekend series with Denver after Saturday’s loss

DENVER — Number 1 Denver scored three second-period goals en route to a 6-3 victory Saturday night as it earned a weekend breakaway with Omaha. Ono was coming off a crucial 3-0 win over the Pioneers on Friday when the Mavs had a 40-22 lead on the shot as Jake Kucharski made 22 saves on … Read more