Texas State Aquarium opens new wildlife rescue facility

In March, the Texas State Aquarium will unveil its new Port of Corpus Christi Wildlife Rescue Center, which will be the largest coastal wildlife rescue facility in Texas. The Texas State Aquarium’s Wildlife Rescue Program began in 1995. Since then, the program has operated out of a small warehouse building on Rincon Road owned by … Read more

How solar farms can double as wildlife sanctuaries

Australia’s renewable energy transition has prompted the construction of dozens of large-scale solar farms. Prosperity helps reduce Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels, but it requires converting large tracts of land to host solar infrastructure. Solar farms are mostly built in rural areas. This has been raised concerns about a potential decline in both agricultural production … Read more

River otters present bizarre behaviors to wildlife watchers in winter | KLRT

Little Rock, Ark. (Arkansas Game and Fish Commission) – Conservation return stories often focus on the amazing return of white-tailed deer, Arkansas black bear, and other game species, but one of The Natural State’s most captivating creatures has also returned as a result of proper game management and habitat conservation. Once almost wiped from the … Read more

GPS tracking, OSU simulations show best locations to help desert bighorn sheep cross highways

CORVALLIS, OR (KTVZ) — Desert bighorn sheep whose range in Southern California is bisected by highways may one day benefit from an Oregon State University design designed to show animals where it is most appropriate to use bridges to cross highways safely. the Research Important because it shows how GPS tracking data and computer simulations … Read more

Mendocino County announces wildlife exclusion plan, and will collect metrics to shape the program • The Voice of Mendocino | Mendocino County, Katie Mendocino Voice

MENDOCINO Co, CA, 1/31/23 – Mendocino County is collecting data on the issues and needs of local wildlife–from small garden pests to large predators–to help shape a new exclusion program based on non-lethal measures and a “no-fault” door policy. . Acting Agricultural Commissioner Andrew Smith said in a presentation to the Board of Supervisors last … Read more

The wombat was found in the middle of Lake Moolwala on the Victoria-New South Wales border for the first time to a wildlife rescuer

Northern Victorian Wildlife Conservancy Kylie Donkers has been involved in some “very strange rescues” over the years, but this week’s recovery of the animals on a lake was a first. the main points: A wombat was seen sheltering on a log in Lake Moolwala on Monday morning It was the dramatic first-ever rescue of Kylee … Read more

Ignoring Threat to Wildlife – Death of Maharashtrian Black Bucks highlights road homicide mitigation

New Delhi: It was twelve black bucks killing An accident along the Solapur-Bijapur highway in Maharashtra on Saturday night alarmed wildlife experts who stressed the need to implement mitigation measures along linear projects that interfere with wildlife movement. Linear projects such as roads and railways are known to cause habitat fragmentation, making it risky for … Read more

Gov. Inslee told he expects Wildlife Commission lawsuit to be ‘off balance’

By Raylene Rikaart / The Center Square Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation announced last week that it intends to sue Gov. Jay Inslee for an “unbalanced” wildlife commission that fails to represent multiple viewpoints. The charge is that in recent years, the governor has “stacked” the nine-member Washington Wildlife Commission with environmental/animal rights members. Recreational fishermen, … Read more