Do exoplanet scientists have favorite exoplanets?

Exoplanets have become such a sensation over the past decade and more that scientists have regularly confirmed the existence of new exoplanets thanks to NASA’s Kepler and TESS missions, along with the James Webb Space Telescope recently examining exoplanets’ atmospheres as well. Because of these discoveries, exoplanet science has turned into an exciting field of … Read more

TMS student experiment launches to the space station

Texarkana, Texas — Three Texas prep school students were honored Tuesday for launching the school’s first through Student Spaceflight Experiences Program to the International Space Station. Last year, TMS submitted three experiment proposals to SSEP, which selected one to be launched into space as part of Mission 16. Only 22 of the best experiment design … Read more

Australians are increasingly concerned about climate change, but they are resisting changing the diet to help the planet

Credit: Monash University A Monash University study revealed that Australians are dramatically changing their attitudes to climate change, but are reluctant to change their diet to help the environment. More than twice as many Australians have become concerned about climate change in the past decade, with women more likely to adopt a climate-friendly diet than … Read more

Review of “Ten Planets”: A Philosophical Exercise in Cosmic Dimensions | Arts

Given Mexican author Yuri Herrera’s academic background in political science, readers often expect his work to serve as an allegory for social issues. Herrera resists these explanations. In an interview with Latin American Literature Today, he stated clearly: “I don’t write dissertation novels.” Rather than structuring a novel around targeted criticism or proposed ideologies, Herrera … Read more

Not detecting the main signal allows astronomers to determine what the first galaxies were and were not

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Researchers have been able to make some key decisions about the first galaxies to exist, in one of the first astrophysical studies of the period in the early universe when the first stars and galaxies formed, known as the cosmic dawn. Using data from the SARAS3 radio telescope in India, researchers … Read more

‘No K-pop on a Dead Planet’: Meet Stan’s Climate Activism

K-pop is a global phenomenon. They are a multi-billionaire powerhouse with a large group of loyal fans, some of the most popular bands in the world and a seemingly endless product line of talent. So its connection to combating the climate crisis is not immediately apparent. Especially when you consider the main output of the … Read more

Beyond the Universe (Column: Eye of the Spy)

by DC Pathak NEW DELHI, Nov. 27 (IANS): Science is always looking for an equation to confirm a proposition while philosophy rises above the details and reaches an empirical conclusion through imagination. Cosmological theories combine science and philosophy—the latter necessarily bringing in the idea of ​​God to fill in unexplained voids in human understanding of … Read more

Where is the International Space Station now? SpaceX launches supplies to the site from the Kennedy Space Center

Florida – CNN reports that SpaceX will attempt again to get a new batch of supplies to the International Space Station this weekend after bad weather at the launch site forced the company to scrap its first attempt. The mission is scheduled to lift off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 2:20 p.m. … Read more

10 Marvel Villains Who Reshaped The Universe

Marvel’s greatest heroes have had a profound impact on their universe, but they’re not the only ones. Marvel villains have shaped the Marvel Universe as well, and arguably have done more to influence the circumstances of it. Scoundrels created organizations that shaped the world, made sweeping changes to reality, and destroyed entire worlds. Related: 9 … Read more