Two environmental groups have announced their intention to sue a Shell crushing plant in Beaver County

Two environmental groups say they intend to sue Shell’s new cracking plant in Beaver County. The Environmental Safety Project and the Clean Air Council claim that the plant has repeatedly violated air pollution limits. “Shell exceeded permit limits in the first few months of operation, endangering neighboring communities,” Sarah Cola, an attorney for the Environmental … Read more

California makes a proposal on the Colorado River Crisis

California has submitted to the federal government its proposal for cuts in Colorado River water use, saying a plan put forward by six other states would disproportionately burden Southern California farms and cities. Water agencies that depend on the river submitted their proposal to the Biden administration on Tuesday, the same day federal officials set … Read more

How did a small but dangerous radioactive capsule get lost in the Australian desert?

A small radioactive capsule that went missing last week has finally been found somewhere in the desert in Australia after a massive search effort began. Authorities in Western Australia, when announcing their discovery, declared that they had “virtually found the needle in a haystack”. The missing silver capsule was only 8mm by 6mm, and is … Read more

Study: The split of emissions is now greater within countries than between greenhouse gas emissions

The data shows that the difference between the carbon emissions of the rich and the poor within a country is now greater than the differences in emissions between countries. This finding is further evidence of The growing divide between the “polluted elite” of the wealthy around the world, and relatively low emissions responsibility among the … Read more

Why California and other Western states face increasing pressure to reduce water use – The Hill

Story at a glance Despite the heavy rains that hit California earlier this winter, more water conservation is needed to help the West meet the challenges caused by decades of drought. Thanks to climate change, reliable water sources are under threat from unpredictable weather. In the future, the cuts will fall heavily on the agricultural … Read more

Move towards sustainable alternatives

Karachi: The most valuable quality that a responsible and socially conscious business can demonstrate to stakeholders is that it understands that profits cannot be achieved without integrating people and planet into its purpose. A rise in this approach can be seen in how organizations are rethinking their approach to traditional CSR. They seek to inculcate … Read more

It’s a long time coming to stop jigging carp from infesting more of Minnesota’s rivers

You remember gas carp, right? Creatures with fins swimming up the Mississippi River towards Minnesota? Some are called grass carp, others are called bighead or black carp, Is the really terrible carp jumping? They are silver congrats. Silver is that which has already filled rivers throughout the center of the country. Illinois. Ohio. Wabash. These … Read more

Researchers have found air-breathing invasive fish that hunt frogs along Florida’s Gulf Coast

A pond in Manatee County was recently home to nearly 400 invasive fish known for their large size, ability to survive in harsh environments, and “extremely aggressive natures.” Oh, and they can also hunt on land. It is the first time on record that researchers have documented an invasive group Golden snake heads on Florida’s … Read more