Speaking out about stigma

People with psychiatric disabilities frequently face stigma, discrimination, and rights violations, including within and from the medical community, which reflects a broader societal stigma. One doctor shares his personal experience here and how he uses it today to challenge stigma. When Dr Ahmed Hankeer first experienced severe mental distress as a medical student in the … Read more

How to improve your mental fitness

You probably have a pretty good idea of ​​how to get your body into shape, right? Practice constantly. Eat (relatively) clean. rest and recover properly. But as more and more of us are realizing, physical fitness is only half of the equation. The term “mental fitness” refers to a positive state of well-being created through … Read more

FarmFirst is seeking peer farmers for a new mental health program

FarmFirst is expanding access to mental health services for farmers in Vermont through its new Farmer-Peer Network. Ahead of launching the peer network in early 2023, FarmFirst is looking for more volunteers to become peer farmers before the first round of training on December 5. The non-profit program is working to provide farmers in Vermont … Read more

Brain care stands out as a wellness category

There is a new wellness trend in town. Self-care took on a new meaning in 2020, when many people were stuck at home, some in isolation. Even after emerging from lockdown, many have retained their newfound perspective and understanding of issues such as work-life balance. In the case of Wellness, the focus was on mental … Read more

The suspect with mental health issues faces 8 counts

Police: The Prior Lakes family fled the home before the suspect barricaded himself inside The suspect fled police on Friday afternoon and ran into a home, with Prior Lake officers close behind them. The family fled the home before the suspect barricaded himself inside. A nearly nine-hour standoff with police began. Prior Lake, Minnesota (FOX … Read more

The hotel is training workers to help reduce veteran suicides

Pensacola, Fla. — Veterans are 1.5 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population, with an average of 20 veterans committing suicide each day. To help combat this crisis, Innisfree Hotels has begun its own initiative within the company to train employees who work with veterans or individuals with mental health issues … Read more