15 push-ups a day for the month challenge

Pushups and I have a long and complicated love-hate relationship. On the one hand, as someone who used to be a personal trainer and did programming strength training For hundreds of clients, I know very well the benefits of push-ups: they build core strength and stability, it also works your chest muscles and triceps. Plus, … Read more

Liver King, who is famous on the Internet for his natural body, has been accused of using steroids

A popular TikTok influencer has been accused of preaching the benefits of eating raw meat with stimulants by another internet personality who claims to have seen leaked emails from the man himself detailing the drugs he uses. Brian Johnson — better known by his online pseudonym “Liver King” — rose to online fame late last … Read more

The HIIT workout for astronauts can benefit non-space travelers, too

Comment on this story Suspension Exercise like an astronaut, and you may avoid the unhealthy effects of sitting for long periods, according to recent studies on the benefits of space workouts. The research, involving astronauts on the International Space Station and volunteers in Houston, suggests that the right mix of scientifically tested exercise can stave … Read more

Tips to keep fit

After allocating months of training to a Half or full marathon, you finally finished this epic race. You may be desirable high runnerGet a new, shiny new racing medal Public relations. We hope you also enjoyed the glory of your end. But what now? Of course you want to maintain your fitness level perfectly, without … Read more

Dave Brown Batabian Little: “Exercise really saved my life, because I really hated my life at one point”

“If people ask me how I feel, I’m always honest,” says Dave Letely. The attached photo South Auckland Community Leader Dave Letely, aka Brown Buttabean, is a life coach, motivational speaker, and founder of BBM. He has lost over 100 kg through good nutrition and exercise and now dedicates his time to helping communities suffering … Read more

Best Arm Exercises With Barbells For Guns Like Jonathan Majors

What’s more, according to a study review from Harvard HealthAdding weights to your training can “improve glucose.” Metabolism, promote the maintenance of a healthy body weight, and help improve cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure. In fact, one of the cited studies found that those who performed only 30-60 minutes of strength training per … Read more