The future of strength training

This article originally appeared trail runner Getting stronger is simple: Lift heavy things, put them down, and repeat. According to a new review led by researchers from the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, you should use heavy weights that you can lift one to five times through a full range of motion, and … Read more

This free fitness equipment is hidden in plain sight

Comment on this story Suspension Gretchen Reynolds will be back next week. Every winter for 30 years, I’ve taken an unconventional, low-tech approach to keeping fit. From November to February, I climbed the stairs in our 22-story apartment building in New York. And I mean go up. Up and down I would go up and … Read more

Paul Rudd, 53, reveals the secret to his youthful appearance

Paul Rudd reveals the secret of his “eternal youth”. when asked before Men’s health To share his “most important” tip, the 53-year-old said getting “eight hours of sleep” comes at the top of the list. Then a diet. Then the weights. Then Cardio, ignorant star was listed. Revealed: Paul Rudd reveals the secret to his … Read more

Desperate to get fit but hate doing it in public? Here are seven ways to overcome sports intimidation fitness

sSome things in life—swimming, public speaking, taking a cooler off the wall—are intimidating the first time you do it, but they’re so basic to a better quality of life, they’re worth the effort. And so it is with the gym: Although those early shaking reps are easier for some people than others, everyone is a … Read more

Strength training may be just as important as aerobic exercise for a longer life

Comment on this story Suspension While aerobic exercise has long taken the lead in physical activity guidelines, researchers are finding that bicep curls and bench presses may be just as important for health and longevity. strength training – Doing sports that increase muscle strength By making muscles work against a weight or force (such as … Read more