Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth’s new book, “I’m Not a Philosopher, But I Have Ideas,” delivers a real dose of sunshine

If you’re a reader of this column, you’ve probably noticed that I gravitate toward self-help books that are practical, science-based, and without much fanfare. And it might surprise you that I was delighted with Kristin Chenoweth’s book I’m Not a Philosopher, But I Have Ideas, a book that’s more faith-based, earnest, and frankly, kind of … Read more

Goat and Soda: NPR

As soft drink consumption declines in the West, companies are making an effort to attract new customers elsewhere. This Coca-Cola bottle ad is located in Mozambique. Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images Hide caption Switch caption Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images As soft drink consumption declines in the West, companies are making an effort to attract … Read more

Guest comment: Connected to a love of literature – the story of the savior of La Jolla’s book

Some people rescue dogs. Some rescue cats. I save books. It started innocently enough. Four years ago, we did a major relocation from Northern California to San Diego. And we needed to reduce our possessions for life. For me, that meant eliminating decades of books. I sorted through years of club picks, personal favorites, and … Read more

Caribbean Reading List ‹ Literary Hub

For many tourists, the Caribbean is a paradise. A place outside of time – with no history and no future. A place for cocktails on the beach and an escape from the relentless rhythms of modern life. But to me, the Caribbean has always been beautiful because of its history, not in spite of it. … Read more

How Students Are Fighting Book Bans – NBC Chicago

When a wave of book bans began sweeping the country, the Brooklyn Public Library fought back. It made the titles available online to students everywhere. Since April Unbanned books The program has received 6,000 digital library card applications from teens in all 50 states. The library is now collaborating with PEN America, a nonprofit organization … Read more

Son of the Colt, a novel about sex, by indie author Dan Wakefield

INDIANAPOLIS — Mark Billington remembers his NFL father as kind-hearted, quiet, a deep thinker, and a lover of books. After Bill Billington’s 12-year career with the Baltimore Colts ended in 1964, a career during which the savage linebacker was dubbed one of the NFL’s “dirtiest, meanest” people, he joined the Literary Guild Writers’ Club. And … Read more

3 Mysterious Storytelling Action Books Every Leader Should Read Right Now

These must-read books show how stories not only enable us to share information in a memorable way, … [+] But driving meaningful connections. GT For some time now, storytelling has been understood as a powerful leadership tool. When storytelling is promoted in a business setting, the main benefit attributed to it is its ability to … Read more

Mock ‘book burning’ near Melbourne simulates loud book ban protests in Florida

Support the local press. Unlock unlimited digital access to Click here and sign up today. MELBOURNE — With the faces of state and local government officials cut out on poles large, community activists gathered around a bonfire made of cardboard and tissue paper to hold a mock “book burning” across the street from Melbourne … Read more

Books in the Bell Tower: Highlighting Special Collections

By Hayley Morgan, Special to the Dorchester Banner CAMBRIDGE – If you’ve visited the Dorchester County Public Library, you’ll know we have more than just books – we offer DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks, e-books and much more. But you may not know about our many private groups. This week, we’re highlighting our very own genealogy … Read more