Frisco ISD votes to remove certain books from school libraries

The five books permanently withdrawn from the shelves were screened by parents, school staff and administrators and deemed appropriate. FRISCO, Texas — Members of the Frisco Independent School District board voted to permanently remove five titles from district shelves Wednesday night after a Republican state legislator challenged 28 books for review during the district weeks … Read more

17 Best Gifts for Book Lovers and Book Lovers in 2022

Whether they like spending their weekends at the local bookstore or spending time on their commute, everyone can benefit from more books. Not only is it a great way to enrich your knowledge, but it’s also easy to take with you, no matter if it’s a traditional paperback or an e-reader. Moreover, a good book … Read more

Top 5 Mystery Novels to Read, According to Jenna Bush Hager

The November 2022 Read with Jenna’s pick “The Cloisters” It is the second mystery book to be entered into Jenna Bush Hager’s book club. If you’re wondering if Jenna is simply obsessed with mystery, think again. “I’m so obsessed with mystery that ‘The Cloisters’ is the second mystery I’ve ever chosen because I’m so picky,” … Read more

A Guest at the Holiday Colm Toibin Review – Words Never Fail | Colm Toibin

sThe publishers are very naughty. Even as many of them increasingly disdain journalism, they are often perfectly happy reassembling stray bits from their lucky writers as “articles” before opportunistically pasting them between the hard covers. In the case of the Irish writer Colm ToibinI’ll give Viking a half-pass for doing exactly that. He is a … Read more

The horrific Marblehead crime has been re-examined 7 decades later in a new book

Marblehead, Massachusetts – For more than seven decades, the brutal murder of Marblehead schoolteacher Beryl Atherton on a stormy Black Friday night has remained an unsolved mystery on the North Shore. For 40 of those years, Harry Christensen sifted through evidence and case details in search of answers to questions the police could never definitively … Read more

WhiteHat Jr. founder and bestselling author Karan Bajaj comes out with a new book: The Freedom Manifesto

in this book, Karan Bajaj Uncover the powerful secrets that will change the reader’s life by starting a journey of freedom and influence today New DelhiAnd the November 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – HarperCollins Gifts Freedom statement: 7 rules for living your call life by Karan Bajaj in Freedom statementAnd the Karan Bajaj Illuminates the path … Read more