Best mortgage deal today? Twenty-year interest rates fall by more than a quarter of a percentage point | February 1, 2023

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Do you have children? These sports can cost you an extra $2,000 a year

Image source: Getty Images Does pee-wee football have sponsors? the main points Winter sports and those with lots of equipment tend to be more expensive, including ice hockey, ski/snowboard, and field hockey. Travel costs are another huge factor, especially in team sports that have “away” games. The least expensive sports are those with minimal equipment, … Read more

4 ways to handle point-of-sale tip requests

Image source: Getty Images In the words of the late Nancy Reagan, “Just say no.” the main points Consumers are increasingly being asked to supplement employee salaries by paying tips on everyday purchases. Don’t wait until you get to the cash register to determine who is (and isn’t) on your “tip list.” Tipping isn’t mandatory … Read more