How COVID-19 has changed the job market

As far-fetched as the COVID-19 pandemic may seem now, it initially devastated the American economy. It also exposed and exacerbated existing inequalities in society. The wealthy could escape to safer havens – plantations in Montana or doomsday holidays in New Zealand. Stuck where they were, workers had fewer options and died at higher rates. But … Read more

Tesla’s Vietnamese competitor is sailing for the US market

get ready america; VinFast is on the way. The Vietnam-based electric automaker is taking the slow boat to California as it sends its first batch of 999 VF 8s, the company’s 5-seat electric SUV, to America aboard the Silver Queen, a charter vessel from Panama. The Silver Queen is expected to arrive in the Sunshine … Read more

factory activity in China at the lowest reading since April; Asia markets are considerably higher

Bitcoin briefly surpasses $17,000 to its highest level since mid-November Bitcoin briefly surpassed $17,000 in the morning Asian session for the first time since mid-November. bitcoin It increased by 2.2% over the previous 24 hours, according to currency metrics It was last traded at $16,863.07 per coin. ether It also rose, up 4.74% in the … Read more

European markets close mixed pending changes in China’s Covid policy

Bank of England governor says UK gold market ‘not going back to normal’ The UK gold market is “not getting back to normal” yet Bank of England intervention on Sept. 28, according to Gov. Andrew Bailey, who spoke before the Committee of Lawmakers on Tuesday. The governor said the bank did not want to buy … Read more

Hong Kong shares jumped 4% ahead of China’s Covid briefing

China likely won’t make sudden changes to its Covid policy: NUS National University of Singapore Professor Wang Junguo said on CNBC that the Chinese government is unlikely to make sudden changes to its policy on the non-spread of the coronavirus, because that would create chaos. “Squawk Box Asia”. “If you suddenly change the policy, I … Read more

The global oil market points to short-term weakness ahead of the EU embargo on Russian oil

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The global oil market is signaling a possible turnaround, as traders and analysts worry about lower demand for crude and an oversupply market in the coming months. After months of strength, crude oil futures are tipping to lows not seen all year as top oil consumer China enters additional COVID-19 lockdowns … Read more

Dozens of Digital Assets Post Double-Digit Gains as Crypto Markets Begin to Recover After FTX Crash – Markets & Prices Bitcoin News

At the time of writing, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization was hovering around $842 billion on Sunday, November 27, 2022. Bitcoin prices have been consolidating since the start of the week, with seven-day stats showing Bitcoin is down 0.02%. week. Meanwhile, while bitcoin prices remain flat, a number of alternative crypto assets posted double-digit gains … Read more