One of us is a millionaire and the other is a care worker. The cruel division between rich and poor disgusts us alike. | Julia Davies and Wensome Hill

Julia Davis is a member of the National Millionaires Campaign Group We are both from very different worlds. One of us is a millionaire investor and the other is a care worker and union member. We have very different experiences with the economy, but we share the core belief that it is broken – and … Read more

How COVID-19 has changed the job market

As far-fetched as the COVID-19 pandemic may seem now, it initially devastated the American economy. It also exposed and exacerbated existing inequalities in society. The wealthy could escape to safer havens – plantations in Montana or doomsday holidays in New Zealand. Stuck where they were, workers had fewer options and died at higher rates. But … Read more

Great ambition as business schools launch satellite programmes

Space has not traditionally been a destination for enjoying delicious food. Without gravity to help clear the sinuses, astronauts are left with a dulled sense of taste. But in BI Norwegian Business School In Oslo, assistant professor of marketing Carlos Velasco and his colleagues are developing more hearty meals for space travelers. “Space captured my … Read more

House Committee releases documentary on economic inequality

Comment on this story Suspension A bipartisan House Select Committee is set to release its first-ever documentary on economic inequality in America, a recent historical chronicle of three uniquely American stories that members hope The political and partisan bubble around the issue bursts in Washington. Chairman Jim Himes (D-Conn.), who was appointed by House Speaker … Read more

A less risky path to entrepreneurial success

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. by: Davis Smith And the Trenton Smith Most startups fail. According to the 2019 Startup Genome Report, 92% of startups fail. Surprisingly, only 4% of companies in the United States exceed $1 million in annual revenue, and only 0.6% reach $10 million in revenue, to me US Census Bureau. … Read more

Yellen says ‘no plan’ to step down as Treasury secretary, sees ‘potential’ downturn for US economy

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Wednesday that she “has no plan” to step down from her post amid continuing chatter about the former Federal Reserve chief’s role in a Biden administration. Speaking at the New York Times Dealbook Summit in New York City, Yellen said, “I made a commitment to stay [as Treasury Secretary]. I … Read more

Tesla’s Vietnamese competitor is sailing for the US market

get ready america; VinFast is on the way. The Vietnam-based electric automaker is taking the slow boat to California as it sends its first batch of 999 VF 8s, the company’s 5-seat electric SUV, to America aboard the Silver Queen, a charter vessel from Panama. The Silver Queen is expected to arrive in the Sunshine … Read more