Business Mentor: Tips for Starting a Business 2023

New Year always means new hopes and new beginnings.

The first month of the year should always start on a positive note because adjusting your mind in this way gives you a better view of what you want to achieve.

However, let’s make it a habit to start with what we have planned and continue to strive for results that will show how far we have to go compared to last year.

You may have a list of what you would like to achieve this year; Hopefully, it will all be over by the end of the year. If you still need to write, let me help you prepare your writing.

Create a three-part plan to achieve your goals: family, work/career, and personal. Doing so will help you go over each of them with a more detailed approach.

Write what comes to our mind. We need to organize our thoughts to ensure we get everything. Before we know it, the year is almost over.

So, discipline yourself by being more organized so that you take care of the important things.

Tip 1. For the family

When asked why you do so much at work or are so busy with work, the most common response is, “It’s for the family.” In fact, we want to make sure that all our efforts pay off to ensure the family is always taken care of by being able to eat at least three times a day. However, working for the needs of the family should only be one priority. You should also enrich your relationship with each member.

Make sure to stay home on time as much as possible.

Have a family dinner at least once a week.

Spend some quality time with your family. It can be spent at home, you can play games by going on vacation, watching a movie or even driving in the countryside.

Take time to talk to each individual to find out how they are doing.

Shaping children to become responsible, productive and God-fearing individuals.

Tip 2. Expand the business through franchising

A large part of our lives is spent at work. It looks tired. But we cannot give up the means of earning because we need to survive. However, remember that we are not slaves to our business. Therefore, we have to learn how to create a work-life balance.

We have already mentioned our goals for the family. Through our work, we should focus on improving ourselves to be more productive and efficient. These will align with your goal of finding a safe and adequate means of earning to support the family.

Expansion by franchising your company will establish a strong and effective brand. No business is too small to be a model of excellence.

Likewise, conduct business ethically. Your attitude towards your work demonstrates who you are and reflects your work in general. It will be an added value for fellow entrepreneurs to join you as franchise partners.

Tip 3. Personal improvement

Not all of your goals for your family and business will be possible if you don’t improve yourself. It all starts with dealing with positive situations, dealing with adversity, and coming up with solutions to improve life.

Never neglect your health. Let’s say you are the head of the family and the only person who earns. In this case, you need to create a system that encourages a healthy lifestyle that starts with eating right.

More than the quality and quantity of food is to ensure that you eat at the right time. An eating disorder can greatly affect your overall health.

Don’t let yourself think that you are running out of time. Allow yourself to take a break, especially after doing so many tasks. Don’t let yourself become isolated. Learn to enjoy your work, but not enslave it.

It is always possible to learn new things. In this day and age where we can hardly keep up with technology, we must be aware of these developments to take advantage of what they can offer us personally and for work or profession.

Writing down your goals means nothing if you don’t act on them. Life is too short. Please make the most of it by achieving a healthy, happy and productive life.

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