Brown County Considers $27 Million To Expand Internet Bug Tussel

  • Brown County will use sales tax money to fund a $27.2 million broadband expansion proposal
  • Bug Tussel Wireless will extend 25Mbps to the majority of Brown County; It serves 6000 fiber lines.
  • An infrastructure expansion agreement could include price ceilings for county residents.
  • The county council expects to consider the terms later this year.
The map shows the temporary locations of towers in Brown County under the Bug Tussel Wireless plan to expand high-speed Internet.

A Green Bay-based wireless company is proposing to expand high-speed internet to thousands of properties in rural Brown County where service is slow, and is capping monthly rates.

But to make that happen, the company is asking for a loan of approximately $30 million that will be withheld from the county’s sales tax revenue.

Tussel wireless bug made a proposal to extend download speeds of 25 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of 3 megabits per second to nearly every part of the province, while also installing fiber-optic lines that would extend 300 megabits per second and high-speed service to an estimated 6,000 non-state homes served. farms and businesses.

The FCC has set 25/3 speeds as a baseline for high-speed internet, often called broadband, capable of handling basic functions such as email and web browsing as well as some high-demand applications such as video conferencing or online gaming. Anyone with 25 Mbps can also download an HD movie in about half the time it takes 10 Mbps.

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